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Nov. 21st, 2007 12:26 am
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This is the best layout ever. Totally.

I should be sleeping but I'm wired. I'm up twiddling my thumbs and pickling my nose and doing other gross things. Excited about cooking my own Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday.
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mememememe )

I'm frustrated and tired. I have to work tonight, and ever since they fired the other shift manager, I'm worried that I'll be next. The general manager is getting heat over all the "mistakes" our store makes, and she passes that onto us because she has to blame someone. Shit rolls downhill, and once we're all fired she'll have no one to blame but herself. I think we all work hard and the district manager needs to get off our backs. Sigh.

There's a guy I work with that I want to kill. He's an ass. He's one of those arrogant undergrads who's taking classes from Dr. Aiken and therefore thinks he knows everything abot religion because of that, and he makes snide, degrading comments about the "logical fallicies" he hears when people speak to him (or around him). Other people at work can ignore it, but it pisses me off and I want to bash his smug little face in with a brick. He has knowledge but not enough years under his belt for that knowledge to develop into wisdom, and I have no patience for it. Plus he refuses to do basic duities associated with his job (like preparing pizza dough or calling customers back to get their correct information when the computer screws it up) because he doesn't want to, it's hard, it's the manager's job, etc. And that's bullshit. It's not all the manager's job, it's everyone's job. If anything, he's a delivery driver so he should want to make sure all the information is correct, and everyone else seems to understand that, but he refuses to do it, so I have to stop what I'm doing makinf dough for all the pizzas on the screen because he refuses to do it and hunt the phone number down and call the customer back because he refuses to do it...AGH. I can't take much more.
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And Furthermore... )

The scary orange cat we threw out a month ago is living in the walls of the house (he must have found an opening somewhere) and now he meows constantly but won't come out even when we lure him with food.
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The fried chicken is ready to be cooked, all breaded and marinating and turning doughy in the fridge so it will hold together and not become chicken a'la crummy when I try to cook it. I'm going to try and get some sleep.

P.S. why do relationships have to be so hard? Why do people say hurtful things to each other?
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Fucking drama queen who makes my life a living hell and won't let me sleep! )
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Sleep is for wimps! Going on 3 days straight without it!

*stumbles around like a drunk*


Everyone needs to add Gina to their myspace.
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Hey Matt and Rachel...wanna go to the bar Thursday night and buy me a T-shirt and CD? I want an Unlisted CD, but their website link to buy the CDs and shirts doesn't work, and they're RIGHT ACROSS THE DAMN PARKING LOT from where I work every Thursday, but I can't leave work on my break (especially not to go to a bar) so I can't just go to the show and buy a CD or a shirt.


I'm backing up my paid-for music onto a CD now, and my paid-for spyware stuff in preparation for buying a new hard drive tomorrow (finally).

I want to sleep but can't. Wahhhhhh...
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Well, I tried to watch SVU, but I fell fast asleep so I missed it. Sigh.

Now it's 2 and I'm up for good. Damn you, insomnia!

Blockbuster online is sending me Saw 2 because Cheerleader Camp is unavailable at the moment. I hope Saw 2 is good. I'm also getting Stay and Y tu mamá también, which I've wanted to see for the past two or three years since it came out. Weird combination of movies, but that's me.

So I have to pay Stacy back for buying me that medicine, but I don't have enough money in my account becaus eI can't find my $5 check...I'm close to freaking out because of it...
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Apparently, Benedryl can SOMETIMES work to help me get to sleep, but I still wake up all the time and various other side effects of no sleep. Sigh.

Paypal payment sent. One thing done since I haven't been on the computer in days.

Subway has a new steak sub that we don't have in Big Rapids. I call foul.
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I'm so tired.

Why can't I just SLEEP?
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I hate migraines. And not being able to sleep even with pills. And people who don't even try to understand. And not having a room until next Friday. And working all night with psycho managers. And not being able to hang out with freinds because if I don't at least try to sleep I'll die (I'm nauseous all day because I can't sleep).

I'm tired. Tonight will most likely suck. Sigh.

But I love Buffy season 6.

And I hate livejournal paid accounts that expire soon.

And I hate bill collectors.

But I love Buffy season 6.


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