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Location:Michigan, United States of America
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I'm not good at making a blurb of myself. I can tell you that I've lived a pretty harrowing life, and that I'm currently going through a lot of turmoil that makes things interesting and entertaining. I'm not sure who I am...right now, who I am is becoming me. And it's a rough process. I'm sure I'll let you know if I ever figure out who I am. right now I know that I love God and I love Jesus, but I'm not a Christian. Here's why:

"I don't like the pigeonhole "Christian" and never use it. Look what it has come to describe. Answer "yes" to "Are you a Christian?" and you stereotype yourself as a person who hassles homosexuals, disdains democrats, is chained to a church, and damns King Aggrippa to hell. I am not a Christian."~Martin Zender

If you agree or disagree, we can discuss it sometime. If you're rude about it, if you preach at me, or if you assume anything about me because of things I may have told you, the conversation will end. Have a nice day.

Oh, and by the way, I like lots of bands and watching movies and talking to friends and going to clubs.

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acting, adam busch, alexandre aja, alice cullen, alternative lifestyles, alyson hannigan, amber benson, american history x, anthony rapp, argento, bisexual rights, books, broadway, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, casrament, cats, cheese, christopher meloni, cold case, community, compassion, cooking, dancing, desperation, dixie chicks, dustin lance black, dvds, edward norton, eli roth, eliza dushku, exploitation cinema, faith, fall out boy, fangoria, fight club, five iron frenzy, flyleaf, frank peretti, freaks, free speech, freedom of press, freedom of speech, friday the 13th, fulci, gay rights, green day, grindhouse, gus van sant, halloween, harvey milk, heath ledger, hope, horror movies, horror novels, house, jesse l. martin, jonathan larson, joss whedon, korn, law & order, law & order: svu, lemmy kilmister, linkin park, literature, mexican food, michelle trachtenburg, milk, milk film, milk movie, movies, music, new orleans, nightmare on elm street, once more with feeling, oz, pagan, paranormal, photography, piercings, poetry, popcorn, post-traumatic stress disorder, potato chips, pulp fiction, punk, queer, queer film, queer studies, quentin tarantino, rape, reading, remembering the good times, rent, reservoir dogs, richard peck, rivers, rob zombie, rosario dawson, rue morgue, san franciso, sarah michelle gellar, scott smith, scrabble, scrapbooking, sean penn, seventh day slumber, shakespeare, shiny objects, social issues, sociology, solidarity_against_internet_witch_hunts, staind, stephen king, supernatural, survivors, svu, tara, tarot, tea, the cure, the devil's rejects, the food network, the hills have eyes, the lost boys, the twilight series, the usual suspects, theatre, thinking too much, twilight, tyler durden, vampire movies, vampires, vh1, warmongers for ignorance, warriors for innocence, water, wes craven, wicca, willow, women, writing, yahtzee, ♀♀
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