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Here are some Memes I said I'd do roughly 3478347823478347834827 years ago before the drama from hell ate my life. I should be sleeping, but who can sleep when they're having a panic attack and throwing up blood?*

Reply and we'll have some fun. It will take my mind off things.

Comment in this post (let me know if you want to play) and I will choose seven interests from your profile. You will then explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along.

[livejournal.com profile] peskipiksi asked me about:

alternative lifestyles ...I've found that I don't fit into any community. wherever I go, I'm the shy quiet weird one who might be plotting to kill everyone. I'm used to being a freak. When I'm with other queers, at the very least I have one less reason why I'm a freak. And yeah, they judge and stuff too, I don't have an overly rosy view of a queer nation or anything (and yes, I know there are other "alternative lifestyles" and I include them all here). But at least (at LEAST) when I'm around fags and dykes and bisexuals and Pagans and Witches and cutters and anorexics and bulimics Trans people, I'm LESS of a freak. I can even wear tank tops and they see my scars but they don't stare openly and then talk amongst each other about me, pointing and laughing. At least not in front of me. I like hanging out with other freaks. It makes me feel like an "us" instead of a "them." For reals. This is important to me.

exploitation cinema Why do I love these movies? They're grainy and gritty and graphic and real. To borrow from what I said on http://www.cinema-crazed.com, because it was fucking BRILLIANT bitches, "I like the gritty nature of the films. I like pretty, slick movies, but something about violence when it's done in a guerrilla filmmaking style is more appealing to me just because it looks more authentic and real. That gets under my skin, and I like that. I can forgive a lot of bad acting and threadbare plotting if a movie has images that stick in my mind and haunt my dreams. For me, that's what it's all about. I like my horror to really disturb me. When I was a kid, horror movies of all stripes got under my skin because I didn't know any better. Now it's like I've seen too much and it takes more to "get to me" than it used to. But even the cheesiest grindhouse flick played for laughs can have one violent shot that sticks in my head and won't go away. Even the ones that don't qualify as horror are endearing because of their shaky camerawork, grainy appearance, exhausted actors looking like they've been up for days shooting the movie...so much in Hollywood these days is overproduced garbage that smacks of manufacturing. I crave something that looks authentic and real."

jesse l. martin He rules the world. I love Detective Green, I love Tom Collins, I love this man.

poetry I have loved poetry since I was a little girl. Read Patricia Machlachlan's book "Baby" for a simple beautiful story about the healing power of poetry (seriously, read it, go, now).

story of the year They're a band with tatoos and they're emo and loud and cool. I'm not as interested in them now as Iw as back when I put this in my interests.

warmongers for ignorance Remember the "warriors for Innocence," the guys who were responsible for LJ/6A going batshit and suspending beaucoup journals back in 2007? Well My friend [livejournal.com profile] edtheripper called them "Warmongers for Ignorance" and I thought it was HILarious, so I put this here as a tribute to him.

yahtzee I love this game. I could play for hours (and sometimes do).

You know what'd be also fun? Waiting for someone to ask you about interests and then removing them from your interests and claiming they were never there.

Comment, and I will assign you a top 5 or top 10 list to provide. Top 10 favorite cheeses, top 5 reasons why Colossus is the greats of the X-Men, top five time travel movies, whatever. In turn, others may comment and receive lists from you.

[livejournal.com profile] peskipiksi asked me to list: "Top five horror movies it's totally okay to die without seeing." Since I take this as different from "Top Five Horror Movies You Should Never Ever See Even if There is a Gun to Your Head," here's a list of movies that are neither good nor horrible, they're just...there. Like dirt. Who wants to spend too much time thinking about it?

1. The Relic

2. Live Feed

3. Cookers

4. The Fly 2

5. Wrong Turn

*Why am I throwing up blood? If you're worried, it's ok...I'm used to it. I went into Planned Parenthood for my depo shot and was having bad cramps and throwing up. they told me my appointment was 2 days ago. I said it wasn't. they said it was. We argued for like, 20 minutes before she scheduled me for Tuesday at 3 PM, so I had to walk back home. I threw up and fell to the ground once. It was horrible. then I got home, found my appointment card, it said the date I had some in, so I called back and bitched them out. they insisted they had written the wrong date on the card, then. Ok, fine. A depo shot takes five minutes tops, and that's if you dick around and purposely slow it down, why couldn't they give me one? I was in PAIN. the lady told me I shouldn't be having pain. I snapped. Yes, I shouldn't, but I am. Now, three days later, I'm having nonstop pain and popping Aleve like it's candy, and that's why 'm throwing up, but I'd rather be ODing on Aleve and throwing up than having cramps so bad I PASS OUT IN THE STREET. I'm used to this, it's what my life was like before depo. No, it's not ideal. But it's how things are. I haven't heard from Meijer and I'm throwing up and my friend isn't speaking to me and I feel like a pariah who will lose her friends once they realize how horrible she is, and yes, I realize this is irrational. Try having crippling pain that feels like your body is trying to turn itself inside out and the only solution is to take so much medicine that you vomit blood constantly all day and see how rational YOU feel.


Is it Tuesday yet?

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