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So far in my job search (and thanks to a very productive day today) I have applied at:

Admiral gas station
Drive Insurance*
Quality Inn*
Pizza King*
Ruby Tuesday's+
Centennial Wireless
Meijer Gas Station
Jimmy John's
Shell gas station
Rite Aid
Bob Evans
Holiday Inn+
Super 8 Motel+
Big Lots+
Carmike Big Rapids Cinemas
Pizza Hut

The * indicates places that called me back for an interview and then rejected me (oh joy). The + indicates the places I walked to apply to today...and for those of you familiar with the layout of Big Rapids, you'll know that's quite a trek. On my way back from Ruby Tuesday's, my ankle twisted on me and I fell down a hill, injuring my ankle, knee, wrist, knee, and hands in the process (possibly my neck as well, though it's unclear whether the neck bump came from this fall or from an impromptu makeout session at a party last night...I fell and scraped that side of my body in the fall, so honestly I don't remember whether Lewis bit my neck at all during the making out or if the injury is from the fall; my ankle hurt too badly for me to notice much else wrong at the time). So...I'm going at it like gangbusters (referring to the job search, not the makeout session you pervs...)

Sigh. )
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This is not work safe, so don't go clicking it then yelling at me. I don't like yelling.

This makes me think so many naughty thoughts it's not even funny )

In other news today, some guys in drive thru were being total dickheads and they were the latest in a long line of dickheads, so since they were all guzzling from an open can of beer in the car, we decided to call dispatch on them. So cops came and talked with them for an inordinate amount of time, and then dispatch claled me back and asked a bunch of questions that I tried to answer while talking with Steve, the manager at the same time since he had to take over drive-thru for me to take the call. Then dispatch hung up and the cops continued talking with the guys. After about 10 more minutes, one of the cops came up to the window and said, "This guy is calling trying to get a driver to drive his car for him...not because he's drunk, they weren't drinking. But because his license has oto many restrictions on it. So if he can't find a driver, is it ok if he leaves his car here?" So I told him he'd have to ask the manager, so I called Steve over and started to ask if the guy could leave his car here in the event he couldn't reach someone to drive it, when the cop inturrupted me and said "They weren't drinking," and I'm thinking, "I didn't say they were, but yes they were" and Steve said it would be ok for the guy to leave the car, and the cop walked away, and I fumed. As soon as the cops drove away the guys talked to Tony, the other worker who was getting ready to unload the truck, and they said "We were drinking in the car! We almost got arrested!"

Now, I'm pissed. First, because they WERE drinking, and I hate being called a liar. We've speculated that they probably emptied the beer out of the can and said it was an empty, and the cops couldn't prove otherwise, but it still pisses me off because I HATE being called a liar. Second, I'm pissed because whenever I break the law (ok, so I don't break the law, but if I DID) I would get CAUGHT. I never get away with ANYTHING.

But mostly I'm pissed about being called a liar.

I'm never reporting anything to the police ever again.

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I have concluded that I suk at teh cyber sex. One of the guys Ashley met online and then had sex with said he wanted to chat with me and hang out with me, but then after trying to chat with him for a few minutes, he said he didn't want to hang out and signed off. Now, I swear, I put forth my best effort to be an interesting chatter, but apparently I am not skilled in the areas he wanted me to be skilled in. I think he wanted to have sex tomorrow, too. Sigh. I am doomed to die a virgin, for I am not a sex kitten.

Alas, but I have decided to eat healthier. Yesterday I felt like a tub of lard when I tried on clothes (Cursed be that infernal process anyway...) and I decided that I'm not going to fad out or anything, but I want to eat healthier things (such as jars of pickels and jars of applesauce, which I enjoy and which are healthier than burgers and fries and onion rings). Perhaps with that and with my running (6 miles and then walking to and from Walmart to pick up my new glasses) I shall be able to fit into cuter clothes with fewer problems.

But I still won't be a sex kitten.

I have also decided to venture afar unto the land of Planned Parenthood and try to get some pills that might help me not lose gallons of blood and be keeled over in pain for two weeks out of every month. An exam is inevitable, I'm sure, since I've never had one, but I'm not looking forward to it (I'm quite proud of how I've managed to avoid this for almost 25 years).

Ava and I talked to the landlords today, they might let her keep her cat. We'll have to see. Also, we did a lot of cleaning, killed a lot of ants, and re-arranged and set some things up. We still have a ways to go, but we're on our way.
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I Should Not be Allowed Near a Computer )

Maybe I should update about something important, maybe then I would get comments...
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Hey, Deep Discount DVD has Queer as Folk seasons 3, 4, and 5 for less than $569098504343802498028493024830294832. Maybe I'll actually have to buy them now. :-p

You know how usually when everyone rambles on and on and ON about a movie and hypes it up the ass, when you see it you're usually let down. Well I've heard hype about The Wicker Man for years now, and I was worried that it'd let me down. It doesn't. It's spectacular, seriously, I can't believe how good this movie is. It's strange and kooky and creepy and emotionally draining...like nothing I've ever seen before. I want to ramble about it more, but I'm going to save that for the inevitable review you all know I'll write. Suffice it to say that Christopher Lee, whom I've loved since childhood (because his horror movies were the only horror movies my mom would let me watch) turns in a great performance and I'm so glad I finally bought this film.
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I'm horny, and there's men posting nekkid pictures on my Friend's Page.

Album not helping.
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This is the best review of The Da Vinci Code ever. though I often want to drop kick Roger Ebert out a fifth-floor window, the man can write.

This is the Story of My Life. )

And for the fans of my late night misadventures, I give you a conversation from last night:

Lillian: Why is it ok for two girls to make out but not for two guys to make out?
Stacy: Because it's a double standard.
Lillian: *facepalm*
Stacy: No, I mean, I think it's ok for two girls to make out but not two guys...I don't know why...if it's two guys, it's just...icky.


Stacy: But only if it's two straight girls. If it's two Lesbians, that's just wrong.
Lillian: *dies*
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We have the connection all set up, just no encryption yet. Maybe soon...when I'm in the mood to try and figure out what that link Matt sent me is trying to say (thanks for that, by the way [livejournal.com profile] odinkar, I appreciate the help).

What happens when you press ALT and F4 at the same time? Is it bad?

Ashley is having sex downstairs in the living room. She tromped up my stairs, opened my loud, squeaky door, peeked in to see if I was asleep, closed the door, and tromped back downstairs first. Now I'm up for the day.


*flies into a rage*

To help cheer me up, here are some teh hawt pix of actual jailbait guys who are in a band )

So the other night at work, we were dead until 2:30 AM, and then suddenly insanely busy until 5:30, and at 4:30 breakfast still wasn't set up because we didn't have the food, so I was running around like crazy trying to get everyone's food and running back and forth putting fries down still even though breakfast is supposed to start at 4, and everyone was ordering like, 5 spicy chickens and 4 McChickens at once with 6 medium fries, and these eople at the window got tired of waiting so they pulled into a parking space and I had to run their food out to them, and the guy had put his seat back and he was lying down and the girl next to him was bent over him sucking his dick. As soon as I got to the car he sat up and said "Whoa" and I was trying not to die laughint, so I handed his food and said "Uh...sorry about the wait?" and he said "Oh, no problem" (yeah, I bet it wasn't) and I turned to run back and said "Have a nice day," and the girl said:

*swallow* "You have a nice day, too."

I bet I'm not going to have as nice a day as you, but thanks for the thought anyway.
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I'm really pissed off right now (don't ask), but since I promised hott and teh sexi pics, here you go:

Yummy )
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I'm having impure thoughts about the lyrics of this band I'm listening to.


I've decided I shouldn't update when I'm horny, because sex is all I can think about and thus the intelligence level of my posts goes down while the interpersonal conflicts I'm trying to articulate suddenly evaporate into a sex sex sex sex sex

naked guys

sex sex sex

Um...what was I saying?


Quote of the day: "Joy to the world, our Lord is dead. Oh...that's not how it goes..." ~Ashley


Ok, funny joke, guys. My computer decided not to recognize my iPod. Haha, isn't that FUNNY>

*flies into a rage*

This pisses me off.
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Hottie Jailbait Guys Who Are In A Band )
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So I got my "Queer as Folk" season 1 DVDs on Monday, and I've already made it to disc 5. Awesome show, I love the characters, it's good, I care, great emotion, lots to love.

So I really respect it as art and as a show and as a whole.

I promise.

But Ashley and I have been watching it tonight...and man...I've gotta confess, we TOTALLY just started fast forwarding to the sex scenes and watching those.


If you'll excuse me, I have to go take a sub-zero shower for the next ten years or so.

Eye Candy )

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This is NWS to the Max, Plus Most Guys will Regret Clicking Here So Don't Whine to Me if You Click Here and Don't Like It )
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Well my hard drive started making really REALLY bad noises and my screen started going kerplooey, and it died again so I got off my ass and installed the new hard drive. I'm proud of myself for doing it by myself...

My computer is faster now. But all my shiny bookmarks and stuff are gone. :(

I saw Hostel last night and again this morning. Really good movie. I hate Eli Roth but he's really really fucking HOT this movie is good.
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Well, I finally watched "Y Tu Mama Tambien" tonight after my nap. It was worth the wait, this movie is worth watching for the gorgeous locations and plentiful nudity alone, but the story is also compelling and sad the way those nostalgic "teenagers on the verge of growing up" movies are always sad. It's really worth a watch if you don't mind a LOT of nudity (ahem, I don't mind). I kind of wish Entertainment Weekly hadn't given away every single thing that happens in the movie, but then, if they hadn't covered it so extensively, I wouldn't have wanted to see it, so I guess it's worth it.
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I totally ran six miles today. It's the first time in a long time I've ran that far. Woot for me!

Ask me some questions, people! http://malakijr.livejournal.com/255256.html

I'm going to make more Indian food tonight and never sleep again and I've been up all night. Yummy! Sleepy!

I ♥ The Fray and their song "Over My Head" is permanently lodged in my brain. Their music makes me want to run around screaming and do cartwheels. I love music.

*runs off to look at nekkid man pics*
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So I have this book now, and it's mesmerizing. The pictures are beautiful, and they totally blow the notion of the female nude body being a work of art and the male nude body being somehow inferior.


*licks pages*
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[livejournal.com profile] terminal83 thought women would suck at picking the sexiest women, so we'll see if he still thinks that now that the poll's over...he probably will. Though I saw some of his "SExiest Women Over 45" within the top 100, so maybe the list wasn't a total wash. :-p

Cut Becase it Will Kill Your Friend's List )

And some reviews of "The Hills Have Eyes" that I LOVE.


It's not the best review out there, but it's fun because of this one quote:

"One nuclear family meets another in "The Hills Have Eyes," a giddy and horrifying remake of Wes Craven's '70s cult slasher by the same name." Haha, he said "nuclear family..." and they were mutated by radiation...haha...


Ok, this review is actually pretty insulting and not that well written. And yeah, he makes this highly intelligent statement: "if you went thinking it wasn't a horror movie, then shame on you. Your an idiot." Yes, YOUR an idiot. DONT forget it, either.

But he ALSO says this, and it made me laugh for three hours: "What I don't understand is how people go to a horror movie and walk out? What did you think it was.......an animated movie about a Hill with eyes? It's a horror movie. It's suppose to be scary as hell and graphically violent."

HNAHAHAHAHA! A hill with eyes! That RULES!
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More Musings About Hell )

Sigh. I'm cold. And tired. And I don;t want to go o work tonight. But it's my last day before my days off, so I need to suck it up...

This picture in my icon make me think impure thoughts (but that's just me not realizing how evil my sin is and blaming everyone else again).

Oh, and I keep forgetting...I found a church that a lot of people on my Friend's List should all join, so go here and tell them I sent you so they will all bow before my mighty evangelistic skillz. :-p
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Not Just About a Boy )


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