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Well, I tried to watch SVU, but I fell fast asleep so I missed it. Sigh.

Now it's 2 and I'm up for good. Damn you, insomnia!

Blockbuster online is sending me Saw 2 because Cheerleader Camp is unavailable at the moment. I hope Saw 2 is good. I'm also getting Stay and Y tu mamá también, which I've wanted to see for the past two or three years since it came out. Weird combination of movies, but that's me.

So I have to pay Stacy back for buying me that medicine, but I don't have enough money in my account becaus eI can't find my $5 check...I'm close to freaking out because of it...
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This is a Very Important Update (tm).

I now have a new screensaver and wallpaper from http://www.christopher-meloni.com/wallpapers.shtml

*lets computer go to sleep just so she can watch screensaver*

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I want to make a post that no one can read because in order to make it, I'd have to reveal the end of an episode of SVU that I don't know if people have seen.

Better yet, I want you all to see it. So you all come to my house today and watch it with me, and then I'll make the post, ok? I've become independently wealthy, so I'll pay for airfare (or you can be transported by the flying monkeys that just came out of my ass. Don't worry, I'll make them take showers first).

Sorry...it's just...it's been such a...day, you know? And my head is swimming and I've got my racing thoughts that are symptoms of these kind of days, and...I need to focus and not focus at the same time, and it's no secret that this is the fourth time I've updated today because I'm trying to keep myself occupied...and I just saw the episode on my DVD set (yet another episode that I have the icon for, but the second I saw this icon I knew it came from that episode so I've known before I even bought my DVD sets). And it's the episode that made me want to watch the show. And it's an important episode for other reasons (that I can't disclose without giving away the ending and you haven't seen it, blah blah blah). So...yeah.

Maybe I should go to sleep (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I M SO FUNNI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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Man, these are good answers. I'm SO using them if the opportunity ever comes up.

Benson: You're a good Catholic, didn't Jesus teach forgiveness?
Stabler: Yeah, well Jesus was perfect. I'm not.


*kid confesses story of molestation*
Psychologist: Did you tell your parents?
Kid: Yes.
Psychologist: And what did they do?
Kid: Got rich.
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I am now watching the episode that this icon comes from. Oooohhh...



*tries to pay attention to the episode*

*starts drooling again*

Um...good thing I've seen the end of the episode before.

*continues to drool*
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It's for a Good Cause )

In other news...

Find Glory Beyond The Cheap Colored Lights One Song Before The Sun Sets Glory - On Another Empty Life )

Edit: this entry took me 39238949234893429083420943 years to write, because I kept getting distracted and drooling over Stabler in the icon below. Mmmmmmmm...Stabler...
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Drive-by iconage.

I'm sitting here contemplating walking all the way to Meijer to get some chips and salsa. Mmm, salsa. Except Meijer no longer sells the best chips and salsa in the world (tm) but...they still sell the best in town.

Feet tired. Brain want SVU. Tummy want chips and salsa. Brain protesting ludicris thought of walking 3249329249031809324 miles to obtain said chips and salsa. Tummy flying into a rage and putting a choke hold on brain.


Phone ringing because creditors are calling again.

Feet tired. Tummy want salsa even more now that five minutes have passed. Entire body cursing not having a car. Readers wondering wtf is up with weird stream-of-consciousness entry.
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Hey [livejournal.com profile] thecherrywench, what's that recipe for homemade hot cocoa mix? I just tried to haxors your journal to find it, and alas, I am unsuccessful. And your new layout confused me and made me cry.


I'm asking because I just made my own hot cocoa recipe (and by "recipe," I mean that I found random things in the cupboard and mixed them all together to see how they'd taste) and it's amazing, so I want to make more and I wanted to compare notes with your recipe...

In other news, I didn't have money from this paycheck to buy food for myself, so I've just been scrounging what's in my cupboards. I made spaghetti yesterday but didn't have sauce, so I grabbed some tomatos I had and made "sauce." It tasted pretty good. But anyway, I won the "Employee of the Month" award at work for December, and they gave me a $10 Meijer gift card as a present, and I went to Meijer in the cold today to buy myself stuff to make tacos. I'm pretty excited, expecially since I realized I had an onion left over so I can have onions on my tacos today. And it's my day off, so I plan to forsake sleep and leaving the house and curl up with SVU all day. YAY!
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My computer sucks rabid monkey nuts. It is being a bitch.

I heart SVU.

Happy barfday to [livejournal.com profile] thecherrywench. I have a present for you (it's a slasher movie about a guy who pretends to be a vacuum salesman and then slashes his victims once they let him in). Ok, that part was a horrendous lie minor fib.

I have a migraine and will not get sleep now because I finally caved into the pain and took Excederine. Shit on a shingle. Hell, shit on the whole roof.

I have to work tonight at 6 which if you're counting is less than 13 hours after the shift I just recently got out of. Ass fuckers.
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Best. Icon. Ever.

Me needs to eat.
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I Love You, Dann Florek )
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My life is kinda pathetic. I sit here refreshing and compulsively checking my email and all my favorite websites to see if there are any updates or replies. So I'm sitting here doing that now because I took migraine medicine and I can't sleep.

Someone told me I don't know what a social life is, mostly because he knew that would kick me in the gut. He likes saying things like that to people and then condescending and telling them they shouldn't care what someone on the internet says about them when he spent hours crafting his responses to hit people where they hurt. And I should be careful, because there's a little bird who likes to spy in my journal and pass along the things I say to him so he can use them against me and my friends on other message boards, but at this point, I just don't care. But anyway, he's right. Well, kinda. I know what a social life IS, I just don't have one.


I must also say, I just got to see the episode of SVU containing the scene this icon comes from, and I'm geeked.

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Why isn't anyone awake at 5:33 AM? I want to talk to someone. Sigh.

Strangely enough, it's been a hell of a week. Sigh.

Interpersonal conflicts are difficult, particularly when you don't know how the other person will react. We know this, we've KNOWN this for a long time, it's just the way of things. So the trick is to understand that no matter what, you're not giving up on the friendship and thus it's the other person's choice what to do from there. It's not that I'm afraid of losing a friend, because I have a strong sense that I lost this friend a long time ago in the sense that this freind isn't the same person I once knew. The problem is...I don't like unresolved things. And I don't like waiting to see whether other people will understand my feelings, blow me off, or fly off the handle and insult me (I'm well acquainted with each reaction). It would seem that no matter how many times I say "I know I'm not perfect, but here's where I'm upset with YOU," or how many times other people say, "I want to know how you feel, so please be honest," it never changes--honesty is only the best policy when other people agree to be honest, too. And to let you have your feelings without telling you what you should and should not feel. Sigh.

This is all preemptive, though. things might be ok, I just worry because I know they've been NOT ok plenty of times. Plus I'm dealing with tons of other stuff in addition to this conflict, and it's just wearing on me.

I heart SVU. I must now buy season 2, I have two episodes left in season 1 and I'm done.

Migraines suck. They suck like a two dollar whore.


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SVU season 1 is great, it's a lot like regular Law & Order except for a few minor detours so we can meet Stabler's family. The episodes I've seen today have all been quality.


"I think sex should be one of the best parts of life, not the worst." ~Stabler (on why he chose to be part of the SVU)

"Oh, you mean he hit her over the head with the building." ~Benson
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This just in: Law & Order: SVU season 1 has arrived!

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I'm posting for no other reason than to show off this icon.
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1. I have always always ALWAYS loved Pizza Hut pizza, always. And I have always disliked Dominos. I stand by that. But man, Dominos has a new steak pizza that kicks Pizza Hut's ASS. Like, totally.

2. This icon and all its friends (well, they're bases, not icons, but meh, tomayto tomahto, I use them for drooling and staring into space thinking "ooh, purty...") are awesome, and as such, [livejournal.com profile] ivoryroses is my hero.
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It's all worth it, I declare. Ooh, shiny moodtheme!

Except that the picture for "infuriated" is just about the OMG sexiest pic I've EVER seen of Christopher Meloni, so I think I'm going to be "infuriated" all the time just so I can stare at it and drool...

Edit: I'm a bad, bad LJer. [livejournal.com profile] floorshow is teh kewlest, being the creator of this moodtheme and all.
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So I decided I needed an SVU moodtheme...

Why, you ask?

Because I forgot how much FUN it is to upload a fucking moodtheme. Whhoooo, I'm having so much FUN right now. Yessireee, so much FUN I want to shoot someone in the face just to watch them die.
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Why I Can't Walk Away: SVU Dialogue Attribution )


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