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Apr. 15th, 2009 12:01 am
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A young student came to his teacher and asked to be taught about grace and love. His master took a large jar and filled it with large stones and set it before his young student and said, "tell me if the jar is full." His student examined the jar and could easily see that no more large stones would fit into the jar so he said to his teacher with great confidence, "yes, the jar is full." Then his teacher pulled out a bowl of small pebbles and began to poor them into the jar. The smaller pebbles filled in and around the larger stones until no space could be seen with in the jar. "Now," asked the teacher, "tell me again, is the jar full?" The student could see no space between the pebbles and the leveled off at the very top of the jar almost as if they would pour out. So he answered his teacher again, though with less confidence, "yes, the jar is full."

Then his master pulled out a bowl of sand and began to pour it into the jar and as the pebbles filled in and around the large stones, so did the sand fill in and around the pebbles. When the sand had filled in and around the pebbles the teacher simply asked, "is it full?" His student sad nothing for a long time, so the teacher proceeded without a response. He took a pitcher of water and poured it into the jar until it filled in and around the sand. "Now" asked the teacher again, "is the jar finally full?" The student thought hard about the question. He even walked around the table to see if anymore bowls that the teacher had not used remained. His teacher waited patiently for the student to answer. Finally the student answered with confidence, "Yes! The jar is finally full." The teacher simply removed a small bottle of food coloring from his pocket and began to drip the fluid into the jar and the entire jar and all of its contents changed color. The teacher turned and began to leave the room but the student quickly stopped him. The teacher simply put his hand on his student and said if we truly want to know the depth of grace and love then all we have to do is keep living long enough to see it. Life has a way of filling in the blanks.
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An old man and a young boy are going home from the market with their donkey one day. People passing by see them and ask, "why is no one riding the donkey? Those two are not making use of their resources" Not wanting others to think them wasteful, the old man climbs up on the donkey and the boy continues leading the donkey.

Some people passing by again pity the little child having to walk by himself while the old man rides. They say the old man is lazy. Not wanting to be thought lazy, the old man puts the boy on donkey and he himself does the walking.

After a while, other people saw this, and they were disgusted how the young people nowadays have no respect for their elders, and they feel this is not setting a good example.

Sighing, again fearing the judgment of the passers by, both the old man and the young boy get on the donkey and ride together. After a while, a few other people passing by express their amazement and disgust at how little compassion the old man and the boy have for their donkey, making the animal carry all this weight.


This is about where the old man and the young boy turn psycho, pull out some semi-automatics, and start killing people, right?

Maybe that's just what I would do. You can't fucking win, no matter what you do.
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Yes, Like a bad Myspace meme, I some bearing threats.

Look Ma, I Can Write! )


Somehow, I've become a prolific little writer person. Perhaps the cranky bitch spirit that kept me alive through my teenage years, fueled by the poems and stories I wrote, is alive in me again. Because in the past week I've written a song (Did I tell you guys about that? I don't remember...that band I keep telling you to check out, Connaissance, I wrote the lyrics to their newest song...none of the music, but those words are mine and they're using them, and that...yeah, that really did something to me. I wouldn't say it ignited a spark because there's no sparkage, but there's definitely a tingle that was absent before that's somehow propelling me along like never before) and anyway, I wrote that, and I wrote that "Nobody's Home" song last night (which I think everyone hated, I don't know, but I wrote it just the same) and then I wrote a page for my novel and a page for my other novel that I haven't worked on in years, and I wrote this short story...and they're not Pulitzer prizewinners or anything, I don't delude myself, but I think they have a lot of merit just the same.

Here's the Connaissance Song, in Case I Didn't Share It )

And anyway...I'm spooging all over my journal again because somehow I'm writing again. And it's a good thing. The writing, it kills me sometimes, but then it brings me back to life again. And I need it.


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