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Apr. 13th, 2009 06:29 am
edgarallenfrog: various pics of harvey milk (inspiration)
My friend Carrie made this for me. *squeee*!
edgarallenfrog: various pics of harvey milk (viva la vie boheme)
In things that don't totally suck news: I dyed my hair today.



Jul. 27th, 2008 11:28 am
edgarallenfrog: various pics of harvey milk (viva la vie boheme)
This is a website you should check out: if you love to take pictures try it out. it's basically an online calendar where you upload a new pic for each day, so basically you take a picture documenting your life for each day of the year and upload it for everyone to see. It's fun when you can see what other people upload for their pics, and if you get stumped wondering what picture to take, the administrators of the website post a weekly blog and in the blog they discuss things and there's a weekly theme they post in the blog, basically saying "hey, take a picture of LIGHT this week" and so it's fun seeing how other people interpret the instruction to take a picture of light, and trying to figure out how to creatively interpret that instruction yourself. The best thing about this website is that it's FREE. Personally, I love it...if you decide to join, add me on there so we can check out each other's name is edwardnortonfan. I know some of you have done the "take a picture a day for a year" challenge, but this is a whole website built around that, and I like the look of the site and the idea of having a video diary for my life. I often see it passing and wonder how to capture the time before it slips away so I always remember how I felt and what's something I think about a lot and with this website, it's fun looking back on the months and seeing a pic of what you did each day!

My first picture is of my new sofa. Well, my old sofa which I covered with a full sheet set I bought on clearance today, so instead of being icky brown, it's now black and it looks really cool in my living room (all you people getting home decor are inspiring me...I'm looking at YOU [ profile] peskipiksi).

I have to turn in my paperwork for my new job on Wednesday. I'm stressing about losing my apartment. Before you pooh pooh that, remember that this is the eleventy bazillionth time I've almost lost this place due to fucked up paperwork. My landlords are degenerate cunts who care for no one but themselves. I'm really worried about how I will make ends meet with my new higher rent (so why did I buy a sheet set? Fuck you, I spent ten bucks, and all my bills are paid...)


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