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I told my manager that if they hold me over and don't let me go to church tomorrow, I'm going to call a lawyer. He said I can't do that, so I want to do it just out of spite. I signed a non-discrimination policy that said they wouldn't discriminate against me based on my religion, and holding me over so I don't get to go to church every week comes pretty close. I don't know why it's so fucking hard for them to let me go at 7:30 so I can go to church. We're scheduled out at 6 AM, so I'm already staying an hour and a half over, and this is the only day where I've ever asked not to stay. I think they're being pricks about it, honestly. We'll see. If they make me miss church AGAIN, I will be out for blood.

So what do you do when work makes you want to kill everyone? You get home and make yourself a big, juicy steak (on sale at Meijer for $2 a pound) and some cheesy bacon barbecue mashed potatoes.

Say what?

I know, it may sound really gross, but I invented this recipe when I was a kid screwing around with some leftovers on my plate, mixing them together and discovering it tasted good, and the resulting recipe tastes divine, I swear. I mash 1 and 1/2 pounds Yukon gold potatoes with 1/4 cup soy milk, 1/4 cup Gorgonzola cheese, 1/4 cup Parmesan cheese, 4 slices crumbled bacon, and 1/4 cup original Open Pit barbecue sauce. Trust me, it's delicious. Would I lie to you?

There were MOBS of people waiting to buy "Twilight" at midnight at work. I was fearful for my life, but luckily I survived. Seriously, people were grabbing it off the display as we were wheeling it out, they didn't even wait for me to stop. I had to physically restrain myself from buying a copy myself (no money, no, bad Lillian, and you're not allowed to spend food money on a movie, either, I know you're thinking it). I wasn't going to see the movie at all, but then I read the book on Tuesday and loved it, so now I kind of want to see the movie and compare the two. I'm going to be getting a copy here soon, so I don't need to buy one, but it was hard looking at Kristin Stewart and Robert Pattinson staring at me from the display all night and not grabbing myself a copy. :-p

Time to go eat my food and watch the Food Network. Nom nom nom.


Mar. 15th, 2009 11:55 am
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Ok, who bought me "Twilight"? I'm assuming it was one of you guys, since it just came in the mail yesterday and really only you guys know my address (and if some creepy axe murderer also knows my address, hey, at least he bought me "Twilight"). Thank you to whoever it was. I've been meaning to read that book. It will give me something to read in the midst of all the depressing crap I'm slogging through right now.

We're having a crisis at work. One lady is pregnant, so she can't lift as much and she's throwing up all the time, one guy moved to first shift and he was one of our best stockers, one guy used to be good but has a horrible attitude problem now and won't do any work (to show you how bad he is, remember that guy Coley who screamed that I was a bitch across three aisles of the store? I'd rather work with him than this guy) and we have a lot of new people who don't know what they're doing yet. It's a mess. We have a guy transferring from first shift so that should help, but he has a big rockstar attitude, so it might be a bad thing. I dunno. All I know is I'm exhausted and my feet hurt like hell. I got out of work and got home at 7:40 this morning, and said fuck it, so I ran to church (I haven't been in two weeks) and it was good. I missed it a lot. I hope the heathens will let me out on time so I can actually go from now on. I walked home, put some laundry in, took a shower, scrubbed the toilet, sprayed ammonia and bleach into the toilet at the same time, started feeling a burning in my lungs, remembered that you're not supposed to mix ammonia and bleach for that reason, and ran out to open windows. It's sufficiently cleared out now, but it was pretty bad for awhile. I went to the dollar store and bought some baby oil gel and baby oil cream to try and tame my dry skin. They smell great and they seem to be working. I still haven't eaten. Now that the laundry is dry and folded and put away (reading [livejournal.com profile] thecherrywench's LJ posts has inspired me to start actually FOLDING my laundry and PUTTING IT AWAY instead of letting it sit in a basket in the closet like a buffoon). I should go about finding sustenance for myself. And maybe watch some TV. Maybe watch "Milk" again. Soon I will have it memorized.


Mar. 10th, 2009 10:06 pm
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If you get the time, you should all watch the movie "Milk." I know you're all commie, homo loving sons of guns like me. It's worth checking out.


Dec. 23rd, 2008 11:31 am
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I walked through a blowing snowbank to my girly appointment today and had a fun and exciting D&C. No, I didn't have an abortion. The D&C (Dilation and Curettage) just scrapes out whatever is hanging out in your uterus, and I didn't have a baby in there, so contrary to popular belief, I'm still not a baby killer, even though I voted for Obama (though I think I still qualify as a baby killer because I take birth control, even though I don't have sex). Anyway, walking back home after that was fun, especially in a snowstorm. I actually had someone ask me "Why didn't you just take a cab?" Apparently I have money growing out of my ass that I didn't know about. When I alluded to my lack of money, this person said "It's only three dollars." Apparently, even if you don't have any money at all, you still have three dollars. I never knew this. It must be the new math. ANYWAY, I'm all cleaned out and my cervix is healing well the doc said. He told me every time I have sex from now on I have to make sure the guy wears a condom. I let that be (forget that even if I intended to have sex with guys, both latex and whatever material the non-latex condoms are made out of gives me a burning rash, I don't bring that up anymore because people just bitch at me about it, like I'm having sex PERIOD and like it's any of their fucking business what I do even if I WERE having sex and like I need to be lectured on moral sexual behavior by everyone in the universe with a Ph.D from Google University). Everyone must think I'm a brain dead idiot who has sex with every person who crosses my path, because I've been getting sex lectures a lot lately. Apparently I'm a slut AND a baby killer. Who knew. And I'm not posting this because I want a lecture or suggestions on what to use for condoms or this great cream you tried that cleared your rash right up, either. I'll figure something out if and when I ever have sex again; I ensure you that I'm capable of making decisions about my body without anyone else's help.

I'm a little crusty today (read: bitchy) I know. I blame the D&C. I should be able to get away with that for at least three more days, right? :-p

It's officially 16 hours until the one year anniversary of Michael's suicide. I'm having a GREAT Christmas, how about you?

I'm watching the 1938 version of "A Christmas Carol" and when Bob Cratchit got fired and then went out and bought a Christmas feast for his family anyway, I started bawling and asked "How is he going to afford that? What about rent? What about heat? What will they do for food after Christmas?" I'm not doing so well. I'm so scared I won't be able to make bills but I couldn't take not having the heat on anymore so I turned it on because I'm so cold (yes, I'm on a budget plan, yes, my bills are still high every month because even their charging cap is a lot for me to handle on my salary) and I just try not to think about it now. As it is I barely made my bills this month and I'm praying I'll make them next month, but I haven't factored in buying food, and there are a few bills I'm letting slide because I just don't have the $20 to pay for them right now and the PayPal payment is going to come up due in February and I hope I'll have the money. That's all I can do; hope. Yet somehow I should still have money to take a cab to my doctor's appointments and pay for renter's insurance because it's ONLY twenty five dollars and ONLY three dollars. Again, I'm not sure how that works but I've got it on good authority that this is how things go. As far as I'm concerned, twenty dollars might as well be a million when you don't fucking have it. I'm glad I have a present to open on Christmas. I try to give myself small things to look forward to so I think about that instead of slitting my wrists or some other fun activity.

It could still be worse. I could be Tabitha and not have heat at all because I don't have an apartment. And she's three months pregnant too, I just found out today.

Merry Christmas?


Oct. 28th, 2008 04:18 pm
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My cervix hurts.

We left at 11 and got lost minorly on the way because there were no signs for the stupid clinic (ok, there was a sign, but it was so small even elves couldn't have read it) but we made it with 45 minutes until my appointment, so I filled out all the paperwork and then read the scary ass descriptions of what was going to happen (THEY'REGOINGTOGOINANDUSECUTTERSOMGWAT?) and then they let me in the office and explained everything and tried to calm me down by telling me how much it hurt when they had this procedure done. Um...thanks? Then they had me strip, put my feet up in stirrups, crammed a speculum in my vagina (OWOWOW) and swabbed all the vinegar in three counties on the skin to see the abnormal cells. Apparently, vinegar makes the cells turn white so they're easier to see. You know what else vinegar does? It burns like the flames of eternal hellfire. Lovely. So I'm siting there with my legs shaking almost uncontrollably because of the muscle strain of having them crammed into stirrups and spread apart like that and my crotch burning from the speculum and the vinegar, and she's sending in a pack of hunters and several hounds cramming a microscope up there to see the offending cells, and there are a lot of them, so she says she's going to biopsy them all and try to cut them all off as she goes. Wonderful. So she numbs the area with another burny swab and uses this tiny clipper/cutter thingy to clip the offending cells off (OWOWOWITHOUGHTYOUSAIDITWASNUMBOWOWOW) and then she's done, and she uses yet ANOTHER swab to apply some mustard looking shit to my cervix which apparently is some kind of liquid band aid crap. Then she's done and I get up and promptly almost fall over because my legs are so shaky which freaks them out. I tell them I had a migraine and when they hear how much acetaminophen and ibuprofen I've taken, they think that's why I'm so shaky (no, dumbass, I HAVE to take that much or it will do nothing to take away the head pain, my legs are shaky because you crammed my legs into stirrups for 20 minutes and shoved a bunch of crap up my vagina) so they ordered me to go eat something. Heidi and I stopped at Wendy's on the way back and it tasted wonderful. Now we're killing time until Saw 5 starts and she has a headache (maybe she caught mine from earlier) ad I'm updating to let you all know I'm not dead. Honestly, the speculum and the vinegar hurt more than the biopsy thing (tell me again why cutting me open hurt less than vinegar and cold metal? Is it still because I'm uptight about sex?) and the procedure wasn't THAT bad, it was better than I feared it would be, but it still hurts. My poor cervix.

So the upshot is we'll find out if she got all the weird cells and what exactly they are (she said it didn't LOOK cancerous to her, but so much of it was growing down there she wasn't sure what it was...a forest, perhaps) and we'll see what we need to do in about three weeks. Now I'm bleeding and my cervix hurts and I have cramps and feel nauseated and want my mommy.

Big Pimpin

Oct. 6th, 2008 02:41 pm
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I hate to spam you, but if you remember when I read Edward Lee's "Brides of the Impaler" I promised you I'd write a review of it, and my bossman was kind enough to put the review up at http://www.cinema-crazed.com as an exclusive, so I'd like you to read it if you get a chance. I love ranting about books and I don't get to do it enough now that I've graduated. Who knows, maybe this will turn into a discussion post. The book touches on a lot of...um...feminist issues (I tried to find a better term for 20 minutes and couldn't, trufax) so it's something to hope for.

Teh Review Iz Heer

I also have a review for the movie "28 Days Later" which I'm really proud of and that can be found here:

28 Days Later Review

Also, here is a review for "Amityville 4: The Evil Escapes." It's a terrible movie, but I think my review is funny (IMHOWISHAAAO).

Here there be bad movies!

So I just got this email in response to my reviews, and it was batshit insane enough for me to want to share with you here. SRSLY.

This guy is crazy...crazy like a FOX (A psychotic fox that is) )

So what do you guys think? Should I ignore the prophet? I hear god frowns on that kind of stuff (I think he also frowns on people using him like leverage to make a buck, but I've been told I'm wrong about that, who knows). I didn't go to church yesterday because I was so sick, you think God is pissed at me? :-p

While hilarious, this is also weird, because I have been thinking a lot lately about how I don't have 10% of my income to give to the church anymore like I used to (now that I squander that sum on food every month) so I can't give a tithe and I don't know how weird the Episcopalians are about giving tithes. I don't think I HAVE to give money like I used to, but it IS nice to support the church, since it takes money to run those places and pay the reverend and all, and I don't believe God curses me like people used to say when I was a rabid fundamentalist (though you know I struggle with the idea of God cursing me anyway because of everything I've been through and all people say to me and have said in the past and what I think about myself in my worst moments) so it's just weird that right when I'm thinking seriously about things like this, crazies are always able to tap into these things and fling God at me like an insult. Eeps.

Edit: Aaand the boss put the crazy old coot's quote up on the front page...check it out before he takes it down!
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Tuesday was fun. I had an appointment for a girly exam at Planned PArenthood at 10 AM, and when I got there, I let them know I was sick, and they didn't want me coming in if I was sick, so we went 'round and 'round. Seriously, it was a big fight, we nearly came to blows. I said I could come back later, but I didn't have insurance, so there was no guarantee I wouldn't still be sick, they told me to go to the doctor anyway, I told them I went to the free clinic and all they gave me was amoxicillin which does what it always does, covered my symptoms for ten days and then they came back. My voice kept raising, and it wasn't a pretty sight. Finally they called the nurse in charge (this was just the two secretaries) and she told them to let me in, and she examined me and gave me a throat culture (which the doctor who said I had bronchitis, the one who gave me the amoxicillin, never did). After a few hours and checking me out (which technically she's not supposed to do, since she's just supposed to give pap smears, but it was a nice gesture) she said what I had suspected. I have something that's viral (like a really really bad cold) and since it's viral, antibiotics won't do anything but possibly mask the symptoms. Like they did last time. So then we proceeded with the regular pap smear and everything went alright (except I hate it when they suggest that I'm not "relaxed" because I'm uptight about sex. No, I'm uptight about you shoving cold metal shit up my cooch, I'm actually ok with sex and my naked form, I walk around the house naked all the time, and if one more person says "once you have sex more, you won't mind the exam" I'm going to scream. Again, don't mind you seeing my cooch, mind you shoving cold metal shit up it. Understand?)

Anyway shmanyway. Went home and got ready for work that night, and had a fun time. I got in the door, went straight to the cold medicine aisle, grabbed a package and opened it, ready to take some pills, then scanned it at the checkout to pay for it, and all hell broke loose. Apparently, opening something before you buy it, even though it's something I've done thousands of times as a customer, is STEALING OMG when you work there. Would have been nice to know that. I'm paying for it right now, how am I stealing it again? To make matters worse, it was flagged as an at-risk item so I couldn't buy it without my ID (which I never bring to work with me) so it took me ten minutes to work through the ensuing clusterfuck before finally clocking in. they write people up for being a few minutes late now. If I get written up, they're going to catch hell form me, because it's their fault I was late in the first place. So I didn't have cold medicine and was late. It was a great night. I felt like shit.

Even better, when I got home, I tried to sleep and my nose and throat closed up three times which left me waking up unable to breathe. IT happened all the time when I was a kid, but I haven't been this sick since I was about 20, so I forgot how bad it is. My throat panics when I can't breathe and closes up, which makes me even less able to breathe. IT took a menthol cough drop, a double dose of both benedryl AND claritin, and a double dose of cold medicine (which my coworker was so nice to buy me with her ID) before I could sleep for even five hours. I hate being sick. Things continue to be touch and go and I keep hocking up lovely phlegm and my head feels swollen and my glands are swollen and my chest hurts. Ugh. Icky poo. But now that I'm not taking amoxicillin I will admit that I feel different, and I probably should have insisted on a throat culture or something before I let them give me that crap, or argued that I should get a prescription for the generic of Bactrin because that stuff worked with my sinus infections. I dunno. I hope this passes quickly. We're all a bunch of sickies at work, so we keep giving each other shit back and forth and it's not pretty. If I just have one of my infamous colds and I can get a handle on it without antibiotics masking the symptoms and allowing whatever it is to grow worse under the surface, then maybe I'll feel better in two weeks. If not, I'm going back to the free clinic and having a talk with them, not just letting them give me a "you probably have this, here's some amoxicillin" which they did all the time even in the "real" hospital when I was a kid.

*hocks up phlegm*


50 Book Challenge Update

#34: "Water Witch" by Deborah LeBlanc

This was another worthwhile Leisure horror novel. She actually took the time to create a good mystery instead of half-assing it like most horror writers I've seen. I'm impressed. Well worth the read.

In which I rant about food )

So I've been doing a lot of writing for the Halloween horror month at http://www.cinema-crazed.com and I'd like to share my reviews and such with you all in case you want to read them (please do if you have time, and let me know what you think, it would boost my spirits even if you think they suck which I hope you don't).

Lakeview Terrace Review

My Review for the Samuel L. Jackson badass neighbor from hell movie, "Lakeview Terrace"

Silent Night, Deadly Night Review

My review for the campy slasher classic "Silent Night, Deadly Night"

My Review for Silent Night, Deadly Night 2"

Holy shit this movie was bad. I looked forward to it for so long I should have known better, but good LORD. My review is funny though IMHOWISHAAAO (in my humble opinion which is seldom humble and always an opinion)

My Review of "Friday the 13th"

I love this slasher classic. I think I articulated why pretty well. I don't think it gets the respect it deserves for being such a creepy, nasty movie.

My "Friday the 13th Part 2" Review

This movie kind of sucks, but it's fun to watch and mock with friends.

My "Friday the 13th Part 3" Review

This movie blows as well, but I offer reasons for why it blows less than part 2.

My Review for "Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter"

I really like this movie in spite of how horrendous it is at times, and I think it's a worthwhile creepy flick to watch ever Halloween season.

My Review for "Friday the 13th: The New Blood"

This movie mostly blows, but I have fun with it anyway.

My Review for "Friday the 13th: Jason Lives"

As a series, given that this is the sixth sequel, it's way better than it has any right to be.

My Review for "Fear of Clowns"

I love independent horror movies, and "Fear of Clowns" is one of my favorites.

My Review for "Haunted Highway"

This is a movie that gives all independent horror movies a bad name. I tried really hard to be funny with this review. Maybe you will like it.

My Review for Ulli Lommel's 1980 Horror Flick "The Boogeyman"

Everything Ulli Lommel touches turns to shit. Read this and find out how bad horror movies can be.

31 Halloween Horrors, my most recent Cinemusings Article

I'm proud of this more than anything else I've written this month. If you don't read anything else, read this. I had a lot of fun with it and I hope you will too.

In the next few weeks, more reviews are to come. It should be a fun time. Check for more updates flooding your Friends List with spooky fun!


Sep. 9th, 2008 07:46 am
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Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone. Also thanks [livejournal.com profile] edtheripper for the two movies (Demons and Demons 2). I love my gory Italian horror flicks! I can't wait to watch them when I'm cramming in as many horror movies as I can for the month of October. Demons and Demons two have always been some of my favorites. They're gory and action packed but they also have enough of a plot that you can follow and figure out what the hell is going on. you rock Ed. Thanks also to [livejournal.com profile] boudiccaswrath for the Brian Keene book "Dark Hollow." I can't wait to read it (I'm starting today). I just finished my last Leisure horror book and I was excited about getting another one. Thank you so much! I forgot I even added that to my wish list. I've heard a lot about Keene and I'm stoked to check out his writing.

We've got a cool month coming up at http://www.cinema-crazed.com I'll link you guys more as the month approaches. Halloween is always much more fun for we horror freaks. I'm going to be writing a list of the 31 must see horrors of the Halloween season, we've got a guy writing drunken reviews for horror movies, and those are just some of the highlights. It's going to be great.

50 Book Challenge Update

#34 "Brides of the Impaler" by Edward Lee

Speaking of Leisure horror, I finally finished "Brides of the Impaler" and I have a few things to say. I'm writing a review for the Cinema Crazed website, so I hope you'll all read it when it's up. Suffice it to say, it was a hard sell, but I liked this book a lot and I think I'll like Lee's other books (I'll want to strangle him while I'm reading them, but I'll be glad once I'm finished that I stuck it out).

Mmm, leftover chili on chips with melted cheese on top.


Sep. 6th, 2008 09:00 am
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You people suck. I HATE presidential election years. Hate them with every fiber of my being. I'm an eye twitch away from stabbing people in the face right now. I even made PRIVATE LJ posts about it because I didn't want my whole friends list to drop me. I never make private LJ posts. Look what you people are doing to me! But my rage is mitigated by some news I just got. I'm tired and I've been on the phone for hours, but here's the gist: I just found out my food stamps will be canceled after this month. Happy Birthday to me. I make too much money now, but what they don't get is yes, I make about $900 GROSS a month, but it's only $720 NET wages, plus they take out $200 for my student loans and $300 for rent, and with gas, electric and phone, it's $200 a month for those, so I only have $20 left over a month now I have to buy food with that. I cried all night then went to work and panicked, and now I'm sinking into depression. I seriously don't know what the fuck I'm going to do. Sigh. I mean, I could probably find a way to live on $20 of food a month, but what if I have to buy meds? Or pads and tampons? Or laundry detergent and dish soap and face wash and shampoo and conditioner or soap? Ok, I get it, I make too much money and they look at the gross not the net wages, fine, whatever, I get it. I just don't know what I'm going to do. What if something comes up? The food banks I talked to said I make too much to fit their income restrictions, and even though the church that hosts the free clinic gave me free food on Wednesday, they told me normally I make too much money to be helped by them(bad grammar, boo, I could give a fuck less right now) and it's just so frustrating. Happy fucking birthday.

Grr. Argh.

Check out my writing if you want.

Here is my review of the new-ish movie "Tropic Thunder"

Here is my newest "Long Winded" column where I rant about RENT


Aug. 1st, 2008 04:10 pm
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Salmonella saps all your energy and you feel like shit for days afterward. I recommend you never get it.

Oooh, I got a care package in the mail from [livejournal.com profile] charmcityhippie and [livejournal.com profile] bohemianeditor. Woot! Thanks you guys! Thia was awesome of you! Now my bed in a bag just needs to come (why is it still in Kentucky after a week?) I hope it comes tomorrow so I can do my laundry on Sunday morning and wash all my bedding. My plan is to pile all my old bedding on the mattress and then put the new sheets on to hold it on, and then it will act as a mattress pad. Ghetto, I know, but hey, I'm poor, I have to be creative. :-p

I have two new columns featured at http://www.cinema-crazed.com

Check out my New Long Winded rambling about Blind Fall by Christopher Rice

Check out Opinions and Assholes with Me and My Boss Felix Vasquez Fighting About The Exorcist

Want to Ramble About Weight Watchers? )

In other news, it's 342892348923489342348923490349022349023490189134 degrees. *melts*


Jul. 9th, 2008 03:28 pm
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What am I typing this entry on? Zombie fucking laptop, baby. I swear this thing has nine lives. After Brett snapped the old power cord and the thing died again a few weeks ago, I bought a power cord off eBay and it works again, like new. I love this thing. It will live forever, long after I'm gone.

Those of you who can handle a horribly disturbing and gory and creepy movie should seek out the movie "Inside." I mean it when I say it's DISTURBINGLY gory. It's a very pregnant woman (due to deliver the next day) trying to survive a coldly methodical psychotic woman who wants her baby and will kill anyone who stands in her way. It's grisly to the max. How grisly? I looked away from the screen a few times, and I NEVER do that, not even in the blowtorch eye removal scene from Hostel that made my friend cry (I thought that scene was kind of funny). So believe me, it will disturb you, but it's very good and it's such a solid, well-plotted, well-structured horror movie that I was damn impressed with it.

Third shift at Meijer is going well. My feet hurt like hell, but I bought some $30 work shoes thinking they would help. they hurt like hell and tore my feet to shreds. I returned them and bought some comfy $6 (on sale from $20) sneakers from Payless and bought some Dr. Scholl's gel arch supports for the shoes, and we'll see if they save my feet. I hope so. I'm trying to bust my ass to unload 200+ cases a night and stock them, the most I've done is 167, and some people are already on the chopping block for doing less than 200 so I'm a little stressed, but I'm going to keep working my ass off. You know how I used to have to walk 6 miles round trip to work and I thought that now that I worked only a mile away I wouldn't be ale to stay in shape as well? Yeah, forget that idea. I'm going to be fucking RIPPED from this job. My arms and legs already have more stamina from all the lifting I have to do. Plus I know how to work a pallet jack. Do YOU know how to work a pallet jack? I think NOT. :-p

50 Book Challenge Update

#26: "The Zookeeper" by Alex MacLennan

This was a good book. A tad boring because I'm used to the plot twists and intrigue of Christopher Rice, but you know. It's got a likable main character who tries to figure his life out by angsting and talking to animals. I can relate to that.
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I created a fun test at Hello Quizzy. It's for all the horror fanatics out there, but I worked really hard on it so you should all go there and take it.

The Horror Fanatic Test at HelloQuizzy

Don't forget to read my new Long Winded column, either. :-p


I am so ready to be done with this sick shit. I tried walking to Walmart and had to run to the bathroom at Kmart, and even then still had to hide in the bushes on the way to Walmart and have explosive diarrhea too. FUN FUN FUN OMG.


May. 29th, 2008 01:28 am
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Thanks Fucking God.

50 Book Challenge Update

#15: "The Witching Hour" by Anne Rice.

Holy Jesus. This book is 1038 pages long and I could have read 13 books in the MONTH AND A HALF it took me to finish this thing. I don't know how to explain it...Rice writes, and it's like, you get sucked in, but time in the book moves at a snail's pace and time in the real world moves faster, so you have to put the book down because it's been 15 hours and you've only read 8 pages and you have to go to work. Or something like that. The book chronicles thirteen generations of this family of witches and this spirit that lives with them and serves them but turns them mad when they try to fight him (when really they just make really stupid choices and they could have avoided most of their drama by being practical and unmelodramatic). It goes into long, excruciating detail about every detail of everything in the universe (literally) and anyone who bashes Christopher Rice for being long and rambling and in need of an editor should check out his mother's writing...I didn't know it was hereditary. I'm just glad I'm done. It was good...it could have been better...I'm disappointed in how she ends all her books with these noncommittal endings so she can write sequels, but I did enjoy a good portion of the book, so yeah...I'll say I liked it. But I'm glad it's over. FINALLY.

Also saw "Iron Man" today because my friend Cindy bought my ticket. It was really good, I mean I'm seriously impressed. It was so good I've forgiven Stan Lee for "Spiderman 3." That means something.


Apr. 13th, 2008 01:19 pm
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With all the tragedy and drama, I've been a busy little bee. I wrote a lot of reviews lately. Here are the most recent.

My Review of The Mist

My Review of Cloverfield

My Review of Spliced

My Review of Stir of Echoes 2

My Review of White Noise 2

My Review of For the Bible Tells Me So

Also, I have real life feedback on my review! Most people ignore it when [livejournal.com profile] terminal83 tells them to go to the Answer Back Forums if they disagree or want to comment on an article, but most people are too lazy to sign up, so they don't bother to post. This time someone actually did! And they wanted to ask me about my "For the Bible Tells Me So" review! Indulge my ego by clicking and reading here. I mean, she calls it a "blog" and not a review (oops...it does sound kind of bloggy) but she asks some good questions and I tried to sound halfway intelligent in my reply. REAL LIFE FEEDBACK.

Shut up,quit looking at me like that. I'm excited. :-p

I don't know what to do about the GLWTFBBQ meetings. I really want to go to the Day Of Silence thing because they're going to be showing that movie "For the Bible Tells Me So" and there's going to be a pastor who's openly gay (I've talked about meeting him before at the Martin Luther King Jr. celebration) and I'm excited...but I don't want to run into those people ever again. Jenn came over last night and she said she was going to go to the meeting and yell at Erin and call her a bitch and everything, but I told her not to do that. I hope she doesn't. But it was really cool to have someone stick up for me. It made me feel better. Oddly enough, it was a horrible night, but it made me appreciate who my real friends are...I don't know.

New Column

Mar. 22nd, 2008 12:20 am
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Hey. I'm really proud of this new column, and so I'm asking you all to please take the time to read it. I know it's long, but it reads fast, I swear. It's about powerful movies like "Mysterious Skin" and Jack Ketchum's "The Girl Next Door" and how these movies often don't find an audience because they're difficult and disturbing, but how that's precisely what makes them so worthwhile. Family Video recently pulled Jack Ketchum's "The Girl Next Door" from their shelves, and that's what prompted this article.

Pleas read it and pass it on? Please?


Please also tell me what you think. I'm a comment whore like no other.


Mar. 9th, 2008 01:57 am
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I'm having anxiety about my apartment again. I kept getting letters saying my rent was going to go up and my office manager said not to worry, it was because she hadn't filed the paperwork, but HELLO, that makes me worry because I need you to get off your ass and file it, fucktard. Anyway, Monday is the deadline for my paperwork to be in so I hope she finally files it, or I'm totally fucked and it's not even my fault, it's hers. For all she blames other people for not doing their job, she sure as hell doesn't do her job. She's had 5 months to file my paperwork, and I've had to fill it out 5 times over the course of my living here, and she's never done it. I don't think I should be penalized for her lazy ass, but I'm really worried because their letters to me got angrier and angrier (why haven't you set up your appointment yet???) when I had my appointment months ago and she has all my paperwork, she's just not filing it. Doesn't she realize I'm going to be punished for her laziness if she doesn't file it? Every time I say something, and I've called her over 20 times in the past 3 months, she tells me not to worry but as of last Monday she still hadn't filed it. Hello? Don't worry? You're not the one who's going to get kicked out of your apartment! I'm going in on Monday to have her sign a form, so I'm going to ask her again, but I only have like 15 minutes tops because I'm going in to talk to her before I leave for work at 7:30 so I have to eat really fast and run out the door...All I have to say is she'd better not be a cunt about it and she'd better not get me kicked out of my apartment or I'm going to do something, I shouldn't be penalized for her failure.

My review for my food stamps and plan first ad all that bullshit is on Tuesday March 24, then on the 25 I'm going to go to lobby day and try to get Michelle McManus to care about bullying in Michigan schools. I'm going to have perpetual anxiety for the whole next 2 week period. Fuck.

Spring better be fucking coming, I just nearly broke my ass trying to maneuver heavy groceries in two backpacks (one in back, one in front) over huge snowbanks and ice because the cars ran me off the road when I tried to walk safely there. I'm going to start carrying a gun. I got some groceries but I couldn't carry everything I needed because it's so heavy so I have to go back. I took back bottles and cans to have some extra money but dropped one of the slips in the trek through the snow and couldn't find it so I lost $1.20 and didn't have enough money to buy the migraine medicine I needed...I really wish poverty could be legislated and everyone who thinks people can pull themselves up by their bootstraps could have to be in poverty for at least a year. It's the bitterness talking, I know, but it's very difficult not to think about such things when I'm slipping and sliding and falling through snowbanks trying to balance two backpacks full of groceries without breaking my legs or my eggs and crying because my body aches so bad and worrying I might starve to death if my $162 in food stamps a month are taken away. On the plus side, Acne treatment that costs $24 at K-mart went on sale for $6 so I picked some up, I hope it helps my skin. I hope I have enough migraine medicine to last me. I hope I survive next week at work.

I'm watching "Blue Crush." I like it. I watched "Tears of the Sun" earlier and liked that as well. Not much else to say.


Feb. 9th, 2008 07:11 am
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I'm probably prouder of this review than I have been of anything I've written in a long time. If you could all take the time to read it, I'd appreciate it. then see the movie. you won't regret it.


I've been in a funk for days. I don't know what's up with it, I can't shake it. I'm so tired but I can't sleep because I'm thinking all the time. I blame this movie.
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I just spammed Myspace with this bulletin, so I'm giving all my LJ friends the chance to do this, too, if they so desire. If not that's fine. If you're on my Myspace and thus got this twice, I apologize. You know you love me anyway.

The Bulletin Here...The default formatting screwed up the email list a bit, but if you copy and paste it, it still sends fine )

Plus, I have a new review up and I'm proud of it, so check it out if you want: http://www.cinema-crazed.com/joyfulpartaking.htm
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Look ma, I can watch WAY too many horror movies in one month. Here's my report (it's fun to read, I swear, it's not just a list...but it's fucking long, suffice it to say my original goal was 31 movies and I ended up with over seven times that number).

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I have succeeded in making the best vegan chocolate chip cookies EVAR! No dairy, and they're made with these freakish chocolate chips from Meijer that have a bag that loudly proclaims "I am wheat, soy, dairy, and gluten free!!!!!!!!!!!!" Come ON, do regular chocolate chips even HAVE gluten in them? Or WHEAT? Stupid chocolate chips. But they are indistinguishable from regular chocolate chips, and they're awesome I tell you, AWESOME. Here is my recipe:

2 1/4 cup flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup margarine
3/4 cup sugar
3/4 cup brown sugar
2 teaspoon vanilla (dump some in, you'll be close)
2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips

Mix margarine with sugars and vanilla, add salt and baking soda, slowly add flour (might be less than 2 1/4 cups when you're done, mine was closer to 2 cups). Mix, get hands messy, wash hands, try to stir with spoon, get impatient, mix with hands again. Add chips, become enraged when they won't all mix into the dough, end up sprinkling excess over last batch of cookies when done.

These bake at 375 degrees for about 15 minutes, and when done the edges are crispy and the centers are chewy, and they're delicious and they have no eggs so you can chow down on the dough. I'm amazed how well these hold together and how good they taste, especially since the other kinds I tried making were such a disaster (must be my oven, according to [livejournal.com profile] vegan_snark, can't have anything to do with the recipe). I am triumphant! I am a good cook! I celebrated by making some less than vegan burgers (mostly the same recipe I used before, but Iw as out of mozzarella cheese and the muenster cheese had a slight case of mold, so I used some sliced cheddar cheese and also threw a slice of bacon into the food chopper with the veggie mixture. It was divine).

I am full. I'm going to vomit. And "Don't Look Now" and "Carrie 2" are very good movies, much to my surprise (come ON, Carrie 2?!?!? WTF?)


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