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The pot roast is finished. It was sooooooo delicious. Man. I'm proud of myself.

We fed ear mite medicine into the cats' ears. They were displeased at this turn of events, and I don't know if it helped anything or not because Psycho is still acting like she's got crap in her ears, freaking out and scratching like mad and rolling on the floor chattering. Poor kitty.

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I've been roasting a pot roast in the crock pot since last night. It's sooooooooo yummy smelling. I just chopped some onions and potatoes and tossed them in with it, and it should be ready to eat by the time John gets home at 9 PM. Mmmmm. I'm really proud of the broth in particular. I poured a cup and a half of wine in the crock pot before putting the roast in and John thought it would be too much wine, but since it's been roasting all night you can barely taste the wine anymore except as an accent, it just tastes rich and thick and warm and salty and delicious.

Now I'm hungry.

I just hope the potatoes are cooked enough by the time John gets here. =-\

Feeling better. Still stuffy and coughing up blood and mucus, and my throat still scratches, but...I feel ok. I wish I could have about a month off from work. Three days to rest and recuperate was just what I needed.

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Our House is haunted. And I'm serious here. Maybe sometime I'll enlighten you all. But last night, we heard scratching and thumping coming from the ceiling tiles in the kitchen. We investigated, and found something quite strange...

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we got another cat and she's currently in the process of going psycho. She shredded my hand last night when I was trying to comfort her, and she clawed John's hand so hard her claw actually came out and lodged in his hand. Sheesh. I got her to calm down and let me hold her today, but she freaked out again so I let her go and she's hiding again. Stupid bi-polar animals. I love them, though. So does John, even though he pretends to be tough. He fed her drops of milk last night with his fingers even after she clawed his hand to pieces. We're calling her Psycho. :-p I miss Seance, but we think she's probably with new owners (since she's so friendly) that we just hope she's happy.

I don't know where I stand with God at this point. I've been studying Pagan beliefs, but they seem as screwed-up as Christianity with all the rituals. I don't think I'll ever want to be a part of the strict rules again, but I miss having people to sit with and have real conversations about faith and doubt and belief, you know? So my solution is that you all need to move HERE and hang out with me. Ok?

I'm eagerly awaiting "Grindhouse," which is Quentin Tarantino's double-billed exploitation extravaganza with Robert Rodriguez where they each direct a movie and the movies play back-to-back. It's coming out this summer. I also eagerly await the Ghost Rider movie; I think I'm taking John to that movie for Valentine's Day, since it comes out two days after Valentine's Day. That would make for a great celebration...it's what we do. John and I didn't have a party for New Years, but I brought home hot wings and we drank beer and watched a movie (don't remember which one) and cuddled. It was nice and quiet. I'm a boring person. :-p Give me a night at home watching movies over a party any day.

John just got home and told me his car is dead. This sucks, as he is a pizza delivery driver. I hope his car starts...he's getting a ride out there now with a friend who has jumper cables, so here's hoping...


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Dec. 29th, 2006 03:56 am
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We haven't seen Seance, our girl kitten, since Tuesday. Someone let her out of the house. We've searched all over for her and found nothing. She was always an adventurous one, wanting out. Our other cats are listless and our little black boy kitty is heartbroken, he wanders around the house crying all day, sniffing places she used to play. It's really sad.
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In other news, we just got a black male kitten today (yay, I wanted a boy kitty so bad) and so far, so good...there doesn't seem to be too much catfighting going on like there was when we got Seance. Crowly is the new kitten, and there will be pictures later.

Also, I don't know how many of you saw this post I made since there were no comments because no one loves me my journal is notorious for not letting my friends view my protected entries, but there's an update. Today Tanya came by the house wanting to get her stuff back from Shawn's room and he hid in another room upstairs and pretended he wasn't here, so she sat in the house for an hour and finally she got up and went upstairs, broke the padlock on his room and started moving his stuff. When that happened, he stormed out and they started screaming at each other for about a half hour. I was downstairs, so I could only hear pieces of what was said, but he said "get the fuck out of my room...I WILL, I haven't been home" so I assume he was telling her he planned to give her back her stuff, which was a lie (why else would he hide in another room when she came over?) and in the end, he threw her television, her heater, and her guitar at her and told her never to come back, but she said she would come back whenever she wanted because she had friends here...then she started moving her stuff downstairs and she fell. She showed me the bruises and cuts she had all over her arms from the endeavor, and I don't know if they were from him throwing things at her or from her falling, but the whole situation is a mess. He shouldn't treat her like that, she was good to him, she shouldn't have broken into his room, he shouldn't have thrown her things...I can't believe it, honestly. They're both such quiet people. I'm just in shock over the whole situation.
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The Year in Review

"Hey, we do NOT eat our own farts!." My room is clean. Well, Melissa got my IM-Jen informed me tonight that Melissa is pissed and never wants to have anything to do with me again. Well, I've wanted to see the movie "Popcorn" since I was a kid and the trailer came out on tv ("Buy a bag...go home in a box!") but of course I wasn't allowed to watch horror movies, so I never got to see it. Ok, they're not really jailbait...false advertising, I know, but I had to get you to click this link SOMEHOW, right? You thought that review for "The Hills Have Eyes" was hilarious? Check out the one for RENT. Tonight, Ashley asked me why I was in such a bad mood because I was "snapping and screaming" at people and I replied that I was frustrated and stressing, but that I took offense because I wasn't "snapping or screaming" any more than SHE was, to which she rolled her eyes, and I pressed that I told all the workers that I was frustrated and apologized if I sounded snappy at all, and I told her I was going to the back to cool off, and in short I was doing the same thing she (Ashley) does every time she's mad and I was doing the best I could, and she rolled her eyes again and shook her head and said "whatever." I want a new life...d'you suppose Walmart has them on sale? So I'm officially a manager, with uniforms and everything, and I'm going to start attending meetings now...I'm scared. :( And I'm still being sued by an angry hospital. I'm going to try to make one post a day for the month of October. Well, I have a urinary tract infection (I know, you all wanted to know that) and I've had it for two months now. This is Punkin'; he's my favorite boy kitty in the whole world. ...

Apparently, my life is ridiculous and contains a lot of angst, but cats make everything better.


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