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lol hay d00dz.

ges wut? im typin on my laptop!

I resurrected it from the dead, and I'm working on the glitches. It still has whatever undetectable virus it had before (and in case you want to jump all over my shit about me not taking it in to get it fixed, I don't have money for food right now, let alone money to try and get my laptop fixed, so though I think I've gotten rid of all the crazed idiots who would troll my journal and be condescending bitches to my face while giving unhelpful advice and then throw a melodramatic hissy fit on me when I try to call them out on it, stuff the useless advice, kthx).

Whoa, whoops, didn't mean to reference that ancient drama. But since that particular crazy person made her exit over drama surrounding this laptop dying (as though I didn't already have enough to worry about at that time) it stuck in my mind.

I am doing the 50 book challenge again, and I've already read two this year (hold your applause, I'm here till Thursday).

1. "Suspect" By Jasmine Cresswell - not the best book ever, but it kept me turning pages and it has some hilarious sex scenes

2. "The Seance" by Heather Graham - this one is better by an order of magnitude. I actually want to seek out more by this author.

In short...I'm returning to myself. Or trying to do so. I'm trying not to freak out about money, though it cripples me with terror when I let it. Hope this finds you well.
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My iPod officially doesn't work. The computer chip strip thingie broke in two where it plugs into the usb port-I went to unplug it, and the white part came off and the rest stayed plugged into the computer.

I'm going to be homeless AND have no music.

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Hey, can the techies help me with something? My iPod isn't charging anymore when connected to my USB port, and I keep getting the message that it has exceeded its power and there's a power surge and I should disconnect it and click reset, and then reconnect it, but every time I do this, the same thing hppens...what should I do?

EDIT: Now apparently the USB port has decided not to function anymore...

*shoots self in the head*
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Well, Ashley and me got our brand new internet connection hooked up today. It's ghetto looking because we have the cable just running along the floor, but tonight we should be able to safely hang the cord along the wall and then we'll be all set. As for having wireless internet, it's fun. But I have a question...why should we encrypt our connection? I know other people can connect using our connection, but is there a reason we should care about that? Does it cost us anything to have them connect? Is it just to prevent viruses and such?
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So. I checked out www.dell.com, and the hard drive replacement for my computer costs $63, shipping and tax included. So I just bought it. It should be here in 5 days. Now if I can replace it without blowing my computer up, we'll be in business.

Has anybody seen Queer as Folk? I bought the first season because I needed another club purchase to end my unholy union with Columbia House, and the only way to finish it (they won't let you buy two movies at once and have both count toward the club purchase...I told you, they suck) is to buy a set that counts as more than one, so since I've always wanted to see Queer as Folk, I got it...it would be hilarious if I hated it now that I've bought it.
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Hey Matt and Rachel...wanna go to the bar Thursday night and buy me a T-shirt and CD? I want an Unlisted CD, but their website link to buy the CDs and shirts doesn't work, and they're RIGHT ACROSS THE DAMN PARKING LOT from where I work every Thursday, but I can't leave work on my break (especially not to go to a bar) so I can't just go to the show and buy a CD or a shirt.


I'm backing up my paid-for music onto a CD now, and my paid-for spyware stuff in preparation for buying a new hard drive tomorrow (finally).

I want to sleep but can't. Wahhhhhh...
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So I opened this bag that came with my computer that I've had for the two years I've had my computer but I've never opened.

So guess what I have? A "TEAC-USB FloppyDiscDrive Device"

Not that I know what the fuck it can do, but I DO know it's my floppy drive that I ordered with my computer that I figured would be attached when my computer came...I knew nothing of laptops at the time.

So will this thing help me save some of the data on my computer if I should ever get around to killing it completely and needing my new hard drive?
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Lillian Needs )

I'll tell you what Lillian needs...Lillian needs to not go to work right now. And Lillian needs a labotomy because she just opted to subscribe to Fangoria instead of buying a hard drive.

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Well, I joined here today: http://www.blockbuster.com/homepages/LoadLandingPage.action?channel=Movies&subChannel=sub

Netflix only has a 2-week free trial and BB had a month-long free trial, so I opted for that. I'm probably going to like it and then never buy movies again.

Thinking of trying to get my hard drive to last until next paycheck (yep, it's back up and running). Plus I'm excited for my friends [livejournal.com profile] odinkar and [livejournal.com profile] thecherrywench because they're going to be moving to BALTIMORE (!) soon. I'm happy for them.

I watched quite possibly the most annoying episode of SVU tonight, because it rocked and it was such a good episode, but just when they've got the jury foreman reading the verdict, the show ends. No "to be continuied," it just ends. because Dick wolf (emphasis on the "DICK") likes to do that to his viewers. Ass.

I bought some of this stuff tonight and it kind of works. We'll see what happens. I'm trying to wean my body off Excederine because I'm trying to get caffeine totally out of my diet...

EDIT I just couldn't do it. I woke up and hurt so bad I had to take Excederine. Sigh. I tried...

Oh, and since Becki is a sweetheart, she moved her big ceder chest so that it sits with the end jutting out near the stairs, so I rammed into it last night and I'm sure my toe is broken. It hurts like hell. It's been broken before and there's nothing I can do but let it heal and hope the swelling goes down.
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So I want to buy either this book or this book (or possibly even this book just because of the title) and then leave them on the coffee table.

In other news...I want a new hard drive, I'm tired of being dicked around (ha ha, dicked around) by the one I have right now that doesn't have a warranty. I know someone said that a warranty wouldn't help, but the companies that sell the ones I want to buy are very helpful when you call their service hotlines even when your warranty is expired, particularly anything you can get through newegg.com. So...yeah. I WANT to be dicked around, just not in the way it's happening right now. And this hard drive is catching my interest because it's universal and it looks like my old one (shut up, [livejournal.com profile] slinky259) and it has a warranty and it worked for people I know who ordered it...

P.S. Heather and Heidi are fun. Eating with them in public is a blast.
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Well, it happened. I'm at FLITE because my computer died. The hard drive can't be revived, and of course, none of the info has been saved because it crashed every time I tried to implement a plan to save the data. So it's gone.

What to do...email it to K-zoo? I couldn't decipher all of [livejournal.com profile] physicsduck's request, does he want me to pay him? Even shipping it there would be less than a hard drive would cost, and crassness aside, Duck has a point, I don't want to pay $60 to have my hard drive die again five days after I buy it; as Dani so eloquently put it, I'm choosing between food and laundry detergent right now, $60 is a lot of money. SIGH.

[livejournal.com profile] odinkar...what should I do? I really don't know. I get paid in two days and I can order the hard drive then, but when it comes every other variable is up in the air. I realize for some of you troubleshooting problems like "Oh, we have to switch the adapters" isn't a big deal, but I'm liable to fuck it up royally if I try that.

Even beyond this, I really need to know how to keep whatever hard drive I DO get from dying again, but none of my sites are helpful like that and Dell never gave me any tips when it crashed last time (I think they wanted it to crash so they'd get my money--well too fucking bad).


I've pretty much made up my mind. Since I live 3298888888 miles from K-zoo, I'm going to make that a last resort. I'm saving the old hard drive but buying a new one just because that's the closest and best option I have (short of mailing the laptop there, but having someone else fix it doesn't tell me what to do to keep it from dying again, and having a hard drive without an expired warranty is appealing to me. I DO appreciate the offer, I'm resigned to not buying a Dell hard drive to replace this one, and I am willing to try other options, which I wasn't at the beginning of this trek, I was just going to buy a new HD through Dell because they sold me the computer in the first place. Now that my computer has turned into a $900 paperweight, I'm learning that Dell is not always scrupulous).

So...the Samsung HD that [livejournal.com profile] odinkar reccomended, good or bad? I'm probably buying it, it's NOT through Tiger Direct, and it's NOT a Seagate, but it IS cheaper and rated higher than any of the others, plus it has a 3-year warranty, not a 90-day warranty like my Dell HD.

We'll see. SinceI have no computer now, I'm making friends with my DVD player. If anyone wants to contact me, they have to call me (I'm using my contact info here and I HOPE I get obscene phone calls or death threats).


This is all.
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So I can't sleep and I'm nervous about my ailing computer that I can't do anything about until Thursday, so I dicked around online and found a site that told me these hard drives should be (SHOULD BE) compatible with my Dell Inspiron 1100...


This one is more expensive than the one my friend [livejournal.com profile] odinkar linked me to, but it LOOKS just like my Dell hard drive which makes me more confident, and it doesn't have a 20 second warranty like most Dell products. This one is an actual Dell, which again makes me more confident (but it looks different...why does it LOOK different if it's supposedly the same one I have?) Again, good warranty, but I don't know if this is a reputable online business or not...


This is the one [livejournal.com profile] odinkar linked me to. It's on sale. I am afraid of the reviews that says it works BUT you might have to work with the adapters because I don't know how to do that, really (I don't even know exactly what I'm going to do yet to back up my files and such so I can install my spybot and spyware doctor and avg right after I install my OS and my drivers...matter of fact, I don't even know how to install my OS and drivers...the last time I had to do that--yes, folks, my dell has crashed before this--I had to stay on the phone with a bored-sounding guy from India for two hours while he guided me through the process of installing mt OS, then I hung up, discovered I couldn't connect to the internet, called Dell again, and got someone who thought I was incredibly stupid because I didn't know I still had to install my drivers---why didn't the last person tell me that? Your guess is as good as mine--and this second person stayed on the line with me for two more hours while I installed my drivers and everything) so...yeah, I'm concerned. But the price and warranty is good. But some of the reviews had people saying they wished they'd bought a Seagate, which leads us to...


This one is 40 GB and it's a Seagate which a lot of people say is good...but again, it doesn't LOOK like my hard drive now...why do they look different? That makes me nervous, it makes me think it won't work (maybe I'm a moron, but it DOES make me nervous). This one is the cheapest with the most memory, but it makes me suspicious...because it's such a good deal I wonder if it's one of those "too good to be true" things.

I wish I knew more about computers. Maybe I should go out and offer sexual favors to one of the computer geeks at FSU and get him to help me?
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I came home to my computer's death rattle again. I removed the hard drive, blew on it, and put it back in. I hope I've bought myself another week.

*crosses fingers and prays new HD will work*


I've now seen THHE 5 times in theaters. I liked it, respect it, had fun...but...I think I'm ready to wait for DVD.
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I'm going through Hills Have Eyes Withdrawl. I need my fix. :D

My friend Ashley wants to see it tomorrow...so I'll see it then. But I'm considering going to the late showing tonight, too. I need help! Quick, someone get me to rehab!

I'm thinking of getting a new job...I want one. Maybe two part time jobs will help...I dunno. It's a long story, maybe I'll get into it later.

My computer is dying. Hold on, baby. Hold on...
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My computer is insisting it doesn't have a hard drive again...I hope it holds out at least until Thursday...even if I have to fix it all myself....sigh......

P.S. There's this video by Fallout Boy with vampires...it's really trippy...

And there's a really hot guy who wears a M.I.M.A. shirt and comes to the lobby and orders food sometimes...suddenly, I'm reminded that [livejournal.com profile] buried_treasure has access to all the hot guys.
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Here's my tentative plan for solving my computer woes...

I'll buy a hard drive offline for $70 next Thursday when I get paid, then when it comes in the mail I'll cook a really nice dinner and buy booze and rent a movie and lure my friends [livejournal.com profile] thecherrywench and [livejournal.com profile] odinkar over to my house so they can help me save all my files, replace the hard drive, stab the old one in the face and throw it off a bridge, and get my OS running and such on my computer again...that is, if they don't mind my enlisting their help...it has come to my attention that I don't really know how to do any of that without causing my computer to blow up, and I'm afraid of the $70 hard drive because Dell didn't sell it to me...so yeah...

In other news, Fangoria posted an article about The Hills Have Eyes...I love Fangoria, I miss my subscription )

I'm trying to bribe Ashley into seeing The Hills Have Eyes with me, even offering to buy her ticket. She hasn't answered yet.

I'm horny. Sigh. And it's all her fault, Ms. "I come to work and talk all night about getting laid." Bragger.
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So I'm going to go see The Hills Have Eyes today at 4:20 PM...I'm kinda excited, kinda worried it will be a shitfest. The reviews on Yahoo seem mixed, but I'm going to check out Fango and Mr. Arrow after I post this. [livejournal.com profile] macready likes it and he and I usually share the same taste in horror movies, so that's a plus.

So...after I get my new harddrive, will I have to install all my drivers and my OS and all that shit again? I just thought of that. And I'll have to install Mozilla again, right? Maybe...? I don't want IE to be my browser again, it sucks ass and collects spyware like grease lightening.

So...I install the new hard drive, then I...install all the shit...and [livejournal.com profile] omonk told me to get anti-spyware stuff right away...I actually PAID for Spyware Doctor, so I can just get that right away again with the installation code, right...? Or maybe I should save it to a disc. I wonder if I can do that...I hope so...

Sigh. This sucks. I hope mutant cannibal families can raise my spirits.
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Sooo...could anyone walk me through how to back up all my files on discs? I mean, what do I need to do, how do I save them, which ones do I need to save...last time I didn't have nearly as many files I needed to back up. Now...not so muc. Especially all the music I've bought through iTunes, if it's saved on my iPod, is that enough? Or do I need to do more...?

I SORT OF know how to back up files, but not totally because last time I only had some word documents, and I just emailed them to myself...
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Well, I'm fucked. I called Dell and they ran some tests, and my diagnostic hard drive is about to explode and send little bloody pieces of exploded kittens all over the USA.

Well, they just told me it's about to fail, but I like my wording better.

So I need to back up everything on my computer and buy a new hard drive.

I inquired as to whether they set their computer products to fail right after the warranty expires, but the guy on the other end of the line (who sounded like he was from...India? Something like that) was confused and pretty longsuffering, since he'd stayed on the line with me while I searched my room and the closet downstairs for 10 minutes looking for a Phillips screwdriver to remove my hard drive.

And I must say, for a leetle beety piece of metal and plastic, it sure causes some big problems.

Fuck. I don't want to buy a new hard drive. But I want a computer...so...fuck.
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I think I may have figured it out...something called "Carima Enterprises" is on my computer. It's adware or spyware that only Spybot can remove, except it's powerful enough to shut down my computer before spybot has a chance to remove the programs.

Some of this stuff lurks around the "click me!" ads on MESSAGE BOARDS and EMAIL INBOXES (the same thing happened when I had a proboard and when I used to visit Upcoming Horror Movies and when I visited Bloody-Disgusting and when I use Yahoo Mail) because the companies that offer advertising that supports websites with free services like email and message boards also are less than scrupulous sometimes and the ads they have sometimes contain evil little spyware that causes imminent computer doom. The problem is that when someone has the kind of cable internet I have, their computer has a permanent IP and thus spyware can satch onto my computer and...yeah.

I don't know how to get rid of this junk, though. It keeps shutting down my computer, and my body is refusing to sleep, so I'm up watching reruns of the X Files (back when it was good, so no worries) and trying to keep my computer from dying. And I just watched this episode of the X Files where the internet contained an Artificial Intelligence that made plans and killed people that got in its way...oooh, creepy...

Waaaaaaaaaaa....I don't want my computer to dieeee....plus this sucks. It's all over and it's on websites I visit all the time and I don't WANT to stop visiting them just because my computer likes latching onto every bad spyware program it can find...


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