Sep. 9th, 2008 07:46 am
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Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone. Also thanks [livejournal.com profile] edtheripper for the two movies (Demons and Demons 2). I love my gory Italian horror flicks! I can't wait to watch them when I'm cramming in as many horror movies as I can for the month of October. Demons and Demons two have always been some of my favorites. They're gory and action packed but they also have enough of a plot that you can follow and figure out what the hell is going on. you rock Ed. Thanks also to [livejournal.com profile] boudiccaswrath for the Brian Keene book "Dark Hollow." I can't wait to read it (I'm starting today). I just finished my last Leisure horror book and I was excited about getting another one. Thank you so much! I forgot I even added that to my wish list. I've heard a lot about Keene and I'm stoked to check out his writing.

We've got a cool month coming up at http://www.cinema-crazed.com I'll link you guys more as the month approaches. Halloween is always much more fun for we horror freaks. I'm going to be writing a list of the 31 must see horrors of the Halloween season, we've got a guy writing drunken reviews for horror movies, and those are just some of the highlights. It's going to be great.

50 Book Challenge Update

#34 "Brides of the Impaler" by Edward Lee

Speaking of Leisure horror, I finally finished "Brides of the Impaler" and I have a few things to say. I'm writing a review for the Cinema Crazed website, so I hope you'll all read it when it's up. Suffice it to say, it was a hard sell, but I liked this book a lot and I think I'll like Lee's other books (I'll want to strangle him while I'm reading them, but I'll be glad once I'm finished that I stuck it out).

Mmm, leftover chili on chips with melted cheese on top.
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Well, my birthday stared out really shitty. I had a migraine so bad my brain felt like it was bleeding and I had to work all night and I was exhausted, and I meant to bring my food stamp card since this is my last month of food stamps and I was going to buy food after my shift was over, but I forgot, so I was really pissy. But after work my friend Michelle called and we talked for awhile as I walked home, and then she came to get me and we went grocery shopping and went to walmart to get my $4 miracle migraine blocker (Propnaolol, how I love thee) and then she took me out to breakfast at Bob Evans and bought me some herbal tea and some cappuccino. I'm not used to getting presents and I'm an easy please, I love tea and cappuccino. It was really fun hanging out with Michelle and Aiden (I love that little guy). I got home and found out that [livejournal.com profile] maritov got me a little cupcake with a candle for my profile. you should all check it out. thanks, it's actually really cute and it made me smile. I bought the ingredients for chili and I think I'll watch some movies on my free HBO preview (if they have anything I want to see) so now I'm just chilling and finishing some laundry. I usually dread the day of my birth (no, I'm not kidding) but today hasn't been half bad. Of course it's not even half over and I haven't slept yet, so we'll see. But there's a new "The Closer" on tonight...what could be bad about that?
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Well, I went to the free clinic today. Turns out I have Bronchitis. Woot. I'm so excited. :-p I got a scrip for Amoxicilin, and the good thing is, I got it filled for free because our Meijer offers free antibiotics (which is hands down the coolest fucking thing ever, seriously, that's so awesome of them to do that for people). I feel pretty woozy but I'm good after taking them. I really hope they knock this shit out. The free clinic worries about me, so they also gave me some food and a gift bag of shaving cream, hair spray, hair gel, tissues, soap, and a comb. I thought it was really cool of them to do that. I just ate some peanut butter that they gave me for lunch. :-p I'm a little less worried about food and money now. Still freaking out about my birthday. It's not too late to prove your friendship and get me a gift.

My Amazon.com Wish List

Cash donations are also appreciated.

I can't sleep and I need to sleep. I work the next 5 days in a row and I have the GLWTFBBQ meeting tonight if I can get some rest.
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I fell off the face of the earth for awhile. It started on Wednesday. I left for work, exited out of the internet, worked in hell for six hours, and came back to find that my internet didn't work. thinking it would be cleared up later, I watched an assload of movies and went to sleep. Over the next few days, it became apparent that my free internet is a thing of the past. The connection is still there and still open, but no one can use it to access the internet, and since it's not encrypted even now, we have theorized that my neighbor didn't pay his bill and the internet is still there but no one can access it (which is how it is for my Verizon phone, my apologies to [livejournal.com profile] rachel820 I could see you sent me a message but couldn't read it...sorry for worrying everyone). It's been such a hellish week that I haven't even been able to get to the library to do anything more than pay a bill, I've been working every day and on Thursday I came down with the plague and had such a bad sore throat that I couldn't talk. I decided to take matters into my own hands, walked to Charter, and signed up for internet and while I was there treated myself to cable, too. I know it's an expense, but I need something to distract me and TV and movies do that (a movie tier came free with my cable, plus it's not that expensive at all, especially compared to what we used to pay, I got the student special since my student ID is still valid). So for my birthday I got cable and internet installed and walked to Walmart to buy myself a router so my desktop and laptop could be connected and so Allison and Randy can leech off my internet, too. I'm watching Food Network right now and I'm happy, I missed it. Plus I can have movie marathons over the Halloween season. Now that I'm working 20 hours a week at work, I can afford it, and since they feel the need to work me SEVEN FUCKING DAYS next week, I know I'll have money. I'll see about calling in sick a few of those days since I still feel like pressed shit and since the shifts are only 2 hours long anyway. We'll see. sigh. Happy Birthday to me.


Aug. 30th, 2007 10:27 pm
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The Only Good News I've Gotten All Week )
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Work sucked ass. Sucked ass HARD. I had to slop the mop around and deck brush the front counter, which required me to move the heavy ass fryers out of the way, and only one of them has wheels, then when I got it done the manager didn't like the way it looked so she made me do it again. I wanted to cry I was so frustrated. I've had five separate people yell at me today and be condescending and talk to me like I'm stupid (not counting customers) and I'm about ready to kill the entire human race. I seriously feel like a piece of shit right now. I know, I sometimes say stupid things and I'm sometimes slow at work and I talk loud and any number of other things (since apparently everything I do is wrong) but JESUS, I'm trying, ok? I'm sorry. and I'm NOT STUPID. Thank you.

I want to quit. But then I won't have any money and I'm already in debt up my ass and I owe people money and I really feel like I'm a piece of shit who can't seem to do anything right. Plus I'm going to hell. right? Because I don't believe in the fundamentalist's picture of Jesus? Right?


Buy me something: http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/21JPO58Z6AZXR/

Just kidding. but my birthday is coming up...don't remind me...it would also be John and my anniversary...it's going to be a fucking shitty day. Not that my birthday is ever really a good time, but last year it seemed like...for the first time in my life, something GOOD happened to me, something I never would have expected. I don't care how trite that sounds, or how "I should have known better" or I "should have been more careful not to trust or love him." WHATEVER. It's all relative. No really, it is. You HAVE to let go and trust people and trust what they say for love to work, and it IS a risk, that's what makes it so worth it when it works out. Just because John and I aren't together now, is any of that less true? No, it isn't, so it doesn't matter. Yes, I shouldn't have fallen for him, but it's a little too late for that now; my time machine isn't working properly and I can't go back and change the past. I just don't want to be reminded of how happy I was last year, but I'm going to live through all those months again this year, remembering the light that finally seemed to be dawning, thinking I finally had a happy reason to celebrate my birthday for the first time in my life, and then having that taken away from me. Fall has always been my favorite season, and now I just can't wait for it to be over, and that hurts.

How cruel is the golden rule,
When the lives we lived are only golden plated.
And I knew that the lights of the city were too heavy for me,
Though I carried carats for everyone to see.
And I saw god cry in the reflection of my enemies.
And all the lovers with no time for me.
And all of the mothers raise their babies to stay away from me.

Tongues on the sockets of electric dreams,
Where the sewage of youth drowned the spark of my teens.
And I knew that the lights of the city were too heavy for me,
(Too heavy for me.)
Though I carried carats for everyone to see.
(Everyone to see.)
And I saw god cry in the reflection of my enemies.
And all the lovers with no time for me.
And all of the mothers raise their babies to stay away from me,
And pray they don’t grow up to be...


Aug. 16th, 2007 05:22 pm
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Listen here, body, you JUST had a migraine YESTERDAY, you are NOT allowed to have one today, especially when I haven't eaten any of the foods I ate yesterday in anticipation of you having some kind of food allergy. Stop this behavior right now, it's childish and I don't like walking to the kitchen not able to see because you make my vision all blurry. I need that.

I can has presents? )

Rice milk is really good, I love the taste and I HATE the taste of soy milk, so this makes my transition away from dairy a lot easier. I'm sad though, because I LOVE my dairy, especially my cheese, but I don't like how it makes my throat burn and swell when I eat it. I don't know how I'll be able to give up cheese, though. Sigh. But Rice Milk is good. I have decided this, and it is true because I said so. And I'm glad, because I was frantic because like I said, I hate soymilk and I tried some lactose free milk and it was the most vile, disgusting garbage I've ever tasted. Seriously, people DRINK that shit? WILLINGLY? Ew.

DAMMIT head. What did I JUST say?

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Ok, so still don't know who Santa was, but whoever, this has been the best birthday in years, but not because of the presents (I mean, I love them and I'm using the shiny new laptop right now to type this and I don't want to diminish how cool it was that someone gifted me, but something cooler than just about anything happened tonight, and it had nothing to do with material goods).

I met someone.

I met a B-O-Y.

Ok, not a boy. He's 35 (10 years older than me, but that's nothing to me really, better than 10 years younger and illegal). He's been married once and his wife left him and he has two adorable little kids that he's got pictures of all over his walls plus a playroom with toys and pictures and art projects the kids have done. He plays bass and he was in a band and is trying to get together a new band with some other guys I got to meet tonight, and they're pretty cool. I might get to hear them play tomorrow night. He loves horror movies and we went on like a couple of horror geeks (ok, because we ARE a couple of horror geeks) about different movies, and we watched The Covenant (fun flick, like a halloween music video but cool images and a good movie to watch with kids) and The Wicker Man (good...not as good as the original, but has some really good moments and mostly holds its own) tonight in the theater, plus we went back to his place afterward (shush you dirty minds) and talked for hours and watched The Prophecy (really good movie). And he loves animals, has 4 cats of which I got to meet 3 and he has a lot of fish and a baby python who's really cute (!)

So...yeah, I had a good night of hanging out and talking with this guy, and...yeah. It was probably the best present I could have received. Full of interesting possibilities...and not something I ever expected. So...it was good.
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Oooh, shiny!

The mysterious package(s!) have arrived. Someone got me an iPod nano for my birthday, someone got me Supernatural season 1, and someone got me a laptop (!!!)

Not kidding.

A new Gateway laptop that, within 1.5 minutes of me turning it on connected to the internet BY ITSELF by leeching off our wireless connection (and identifying 2 other unsecured connections nearby) without me having to buy another Belkin wireless device...

*kisses laptop*

Ok, who's Santa?
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Tomorow (Friday) is my birthday. Offers of illegal drugs, hookers, paid LJ time, sexual favors, etc. are accepted as gifts. :-p

Being a manager is...interesting. We'll see how this thing goes. Tomorrow I'm going to wait and sign for a mysterious package from Best Buy that was not delivered today because I'm trying to sleep at 2 PM and my roommate is at class/work. And then I'm going to have a mass orgy watch "Bare Behind Bars." I got it for free for pimping this website on my MySpace, and the guy who runs it is great (and so is his product and shipping and selection). You should all check it out: http://www.revengeismydestiny.com/
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Hey, while I'm here, does anyone want to go to Grand Rapids or maybe Big Rapids on Friday night to watch The Exorcism of Emily Rose? Elijah wants to go, and I'll get to meet Natasha, but I don't want it to just be me and him and his girlfriend...no offense, I'm sure she's nice, but it would still be easier to have at least one other person there I knew, and it would help her feel less left out, too. We figure it might be playing in Big Rapids, but if it's not, we're willing to go to Grand Rapids.

Hee hee hee...Heidi got me a cake today, and a card with a picture of a mostly naked guy, and I'm going to draw tattoos all over him and hang him up on the wall.

P.S. Apart from the Initiative, season 4 of Buffy rocks. I love the college feel.


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