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Two New Toys )

In other news, Ashley sent 304 text messages, so our phone bill, which is usually $90, was $154.



I called her and she promised to send money. Yeah. Right.

I should be nice, I feel bad for her. The Jacobs took her to court for back rent and she had to pay for damages to the house, and Ava got off without having to pay anything even though Ava used Ashley's security deposit. She didn't have to pay anything, really. She uses people and bleeds them dry.

And I was looking forward to using this paycheck to do some playing...oh well. I'm going to go to WalMart and buy some new shoes and a new shirt anyway...so there!

Stupid money.
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Well, Ava replied to John's email calling him an ass and saying he was a "lier" (yes folks, she's a college student) and saying "I know for a fact your a lier saying you never said I could stay in the house thats a lie because the time I dropped Lillian off with the pizza you said we would try to work something out!!!!"


Yes, fucknut, I said we would try to work something out not "sure, you can stay in my house without paying for three weeks." Are you so dense you don't see the difference? And he never wanted her to stay there in the first place, I asked him because I felt bad and didn't want her to have to stay on the street, and she agreed to pay some rent, but then she said she didn't want to stay with us and the house was too dirty and it would drive her nuts, and then when she changed her mind she never discussed it with him again and by then someone else (who actually pays rent) had moved into the room she was going to stay in, and she made me pay $118.17 of an electric bill for a house I didn't live in anymore when I used the washer and dryer and lights in the house for a few hours over a five day period, and she acted all myrter-like because she had to pay the other bills (hello brain trust, you were the only one in the house, I know your mommy and daddy never told you this, but grown-ups have to pay bills sometimes) and after she made me pay, all bets were off, and there was no way he was going to let her stay in the house without paying if she saw fit to make me pay. Of course she doesn't see it that way, though. She's a leech who sucks whatever she can from people until they either die or get tired of her and throw her off, at which point she whines and screams like a banshee about how people hurt her.


You're welcome.
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The berry cheesecake was a success. It was to die for, I loved the flavor and it's seriously the best cheesecake I've ever had (I love the idea of cheesecake, but it's always too bland, this stuff had just the right amount of sweetness and strawberry flavor).

Elijah came to visit today and I got to meet Nicole, she's really nice and she's a cat person, too. The cats love her so I automatically respect her more for that reason. that and she sat through "The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave" with me and made fun of the movie along with me and Elijah.

Ava called today and told me she's coming on Sunday or Monday so I need to make sure she has a place to sleep here, plus since Ashley isn't taking her calls anymore so she wanted me to call Ashley and tell her a bunch of stuff (what are we, fifth graders?) So John emailed her and told her she couldn't live here, and he gave her a bunch of reasons (one of which being that she would have to pay $50 a week like everyone else here to make it fair) and she emailed him back and flipped out on him saying he wasn't being fair, etc. He just replied "Look, you never asked me if you could live here after telling me you weren't going to have to stay here, you just assumed you could stay here and didn't work it out with me, you weren't fair to ME," etc. I'm proud of him and glad I won't have to deal with her staying here now.
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I just had the worst night I've had in...a long time. My paycheck bounced and supposedly, it was taken care of according to the bank but apparently this is not so since the ATM ate my card when I tried to make a deposit today and flashed me a message that my card is being retained until I talk with the bank (like you know, I've already done THREE TIMES TODAY and they SAID everything was FINE) and just when I thought it couldn't get worse, here comes AVA! I don't know how a 20 year old whose mom and daddy pay her way for everything in her life can manage to make me feel even more like dirt than I already felt today, but somehow she manages (the girl's good). So excuse me while I'm scrambling around tomorrow trying to get my debit card back so it can aid me in paying $118.17 for an electric bill on a house I haven't lived in for over a month and I try to figure out how to explain to a certain college student that she's not living with my boyfriend and me rent-free and making my life a living hell for the last three weeks of the semester.

But that's not what I came here to talk to you about. This is one of the best things that's ever aired on TV. Seriously. Few shows can make me laugh, then cry, then laugh again like Scrubs. Quick, watch it now before it gets pulled off the internet: http://www.bleenks.com/link/187/scrubs-s111-my-own-personal-jesus

How do you spell 'Free Scrubs Episodes'? S-A-V-E-D M-Y L-I-F-E.
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AGH! Someone just posted a website that hosts seasons 1-5 of Scrubs for free, every episode! I'm going to watch them all if I can before the website gets shut down.

I was about to kill Ava today...whoever posted that website saved my life. w00t. I'm off to work.
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So even though I haven't been at the house in three months, Ava expects me to pat the bills. She says that since I was there this week (no more than 10 hours over a 4-day period) moving my stuff out and using the lights and washing machine, I should pay half the energy bill. Now, I know for a fact that 10 hours does not equal half the energy bill. Plus she told us she wouldn't be staying at John's house even though he agreed to let her stay there for the last 3 weeks of the semester, so he let someone else move into her room. Now out of the blue this week she tells me she's going to be staying there after all, and I told her someone was using the room she was going to use, and she told me "Well, you guys will have to find me a place to sleep in the house, because I have nowhere else to go." Plus she expects to stay here for free, but since she's making me pay bills John is going to tell her that she can't stay here unless she helps pay some bills. That will go over like a pail of lead rocks.

Not only that, but my bank account is minus $350 right now. Want to know why? My payckeck bounced.


No, I'm not kidding, my paycheck bounced. I went to work today and asked about it, and apparently this has happened before, too (it boggles the mind, I know). The store manager says she'll call payroll on Monday (we get paid then, too) and have them call my bank to get this taken care of. But seriously, can anything else go wrong (don't answer that). How fucked up is this? I'm pissed. I want to lay on the floor and kick my legs and throw a fit like a three-year-old.


In other news, do any of my Pagan friends (all three of you) who used to populate this area remember any resources or groups or people I could bug with questions? I'm tired of trying to find information on my own, everyone contradicts everyone else. I whined to [livejournal.com profile] thecherrywench about this in an email the other day, and the situation hasn't improved any since then. :-p

Does anyone else hate Hinder's song "Lips of an Angel" as much as I do?
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Apparently, while I was busy begging and pleading with my landlords to let me out of my lease and trudging up and down the stairs clearing crap out of the basement and carrying 50-lb boxes while my roommate flitted up and down and carried one light box here and there, someone held some elections without my knowledge.


This is the first time since I've been of age that I haven't voted. Luckily, Granholm was re-elected even without my help. Now doesn't that make me feel special.

I can't believe I forgot about election day. Sheesh. And it's not like these are the elections where my vote doesn't really matter because the electoral college decides where to swing the election and I vote more out of a sense of duty rather than an idealistic view of the importance of my vote, this is an election where my vote actually matters.


At least I got a few things straightened out. I will have to find new tenants for the Jacobs and they are taking Ashley to court for non-payment of rent but they're letting her out of the lease and they worked out some conditions under which Ava can default on the lease as long as she pays December's rent and the utility bills for November and December. That's right, they have noticed I haven't been home for the past 2 months, so I am now barred from paying this and next month's utility bills and they are making Ava pay them all (which she doesn't think is fair, and she is refusing to pay them, so basically, she's going to be headed to court too). She doesn't understand that they can legally take her to court and make her pay rent ad utilities through May 15 because of the lease, she just thinks it's unfair that they're making her pay utilities and not me. She doesn't think anything is fair, and she doesn't think she should have responsibiities like doing her own housework and paying her own bills because I'm not there to use the utilities.


Anyone want to move here and live in my house?
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Well, Ashley came and got her stuff yesterday. Ava is furious at Ashley because Ashley took some of her food apparently, and the Jacobs want to talk to me on Monday at 7:30 PM about the lease. Fuck. Good thing I have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off to throw away all my inconsequential stuff and start moving stuff here. I don't know what I'm going to do. Plus Ava is going to stay at John's for the last few weeks of the semester as well. This should be interesting.

I'm exhausted and really frustrated. I don't know what else to say though, so I'll just leave it at this.
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Well, I might get kicked out of my house. Ashley, who signed a lease with me in May and then lost her job in July and promised to keep paying rent though she moved back home, hasn't paid rent since August, so the Jacobs want to talk to me about it, I'm going to talk to them on Thursday and see what happens. Ava is freaking out in her typical style, saying highly intelligent things like "Techinly they shunt kick us out because of Ashley it's not our fault she's not paying." I tried to explain to her that we signed a lease saying that we'd pay $700 a month, and the lease specifically says if the payment eeds to be met whether all signed parties are paying or not, but she gave me this blank look kind of like a confused puppy ad then said "well they shunt kick us out because it's not our fault we can't pay, she SAID she'd pay."

I'm going to talk to the Jacobs myself. Honestly, I hate living with Ava and would have no problem moving out, it would be cheaper to live with John (he only charges people $200 for rent, utilities and everything) ad he's offered more than once. He was actually excited about the prospect of me defaulting on my lease because he wants me to live here. I called Ashley and she says she flat out doesn't have the money and can't pay, and she told me to go to the Jacobs and talk to them for her and see if we could get out of the lease. I mentioned this to Ava and she got this really high-pitched voice like a shrew on acid and said "Well techinly we shud go together and talk to them" which I deflected by saying Ashley and I were the original tenants and we signed the lease and though Ava signed it later, she didn't leave a security deposit (that was Ashley's and Ava just took it when Ashley left) so the money held for default on payment would be mine and Ashley's, so I should talk to them alone first. Secretly, I really just want to tell them what a stupid bitch Ava is and how she doesn't pay bills and how I lost my job and got another job which pays less and I can't afford this and see what happens...I don't know what they'll say, but I'm going to give it a shot.

Last night we moved my TV, VCR, DVD player and TV stand from the living room here, and Ava was pissed but because I had other people with me she didn't say anything. I've got a game plan for clearing out all my crap, basically throwing most of it away in garbage bags and leaving my bed on the side of the road (keeping the mattress though) and lugging my stuf fhere slowly but surely even if we don't get kicked out. All my clothes fit into one of those 37 gallon Tupperware containers, so I have a dresser I don't need. In fact, I have a few things I don't need, so if anyone near here would be able to use them, let me know:

Floor Lamp
End Table
Huge Oak Dresser
Small pine dresser painted yellow
Dvd/VCR combo
Desktop computer with canon pixma photo printer, everything included
Older printer, still fully functional but without ink cartridges

All the electronics are less than 6 months old and in great condition.

That's about all...
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The Bus

By Cindy Gregerson 2005

She walked out into the road alone and got hit by a bus. She was ignorant of roads and buses before that time. No one explained to her the damage that could be done by going into the road alone. She knew other people had survived crossing the road. She did not understand how such a thing could happen to her.

It took a very long time for her to recover. During her recovery, she was constantly reminded that everyone knows you don’t walk into the road alone and everyone knows you can get hit by a bus and suffer irreparable damage. Despite their intentions, this slowed her recovery.

As she began to take tentative steps again, she became extremely frightened of what other things everyone else knows. If she had been so wrong to think she could cross the road alone and so stupid as to try and accomplish something for herself, were there other things that everyone besides her knew? Her fears began to grow. She was sure there was a bus on the other side of the front door. She knew that she would suffer great pain if she wore the wrong clothes or spoke at the wrong time or took the wrong job or tried to learn anything new. She was afraid to breathe. She feared the simplest decisions. She had been so wrong and it had cost her so dearly. She dared not listen to her own voice, and it began to fade away.

She let others lead the way. She did some things that she had done before—they were safe, tested. She never dared to walk a path that someone had not already deemed safe. She expected nothing better, nothing for herself.

The bus killed her many years later, without ever hitting her again.
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"So we had a party Saturday night, Ava's big Halloween blowout, and we had 2 bands play, John's band Illkillya played and a band from Grand Rapids opened for them. Well, Ava's snooty stuck up theater friends came, and "I paid for our keg all by myself, so we tried to charge $5 for beer but Ava kept giving it away to all her friends and people kept throwing fits because they had to pay, so we only barely made back the price of the keg. "Anyway, the band from GR set up and started to play and all Ava's friends sat two rooma away from us and wouldnt talk to any of us the whole night, and wouldnt even come into the room, and after the band had finished two songs, 'Ava came into the living room and said "um, how long is the band going to play? I told everyone it would only be for an hour at most, and they"re starting to get pissed because they want dancing music, so you need to tell the band to wrap it up because if we don't change the music soon everyone's going to leave."


I wanted to smash her fucking face in. That has got to be the single rudest thing she's ever done or said, and that's saying a lot. How are you going to invite a band to play, have them excited for weeks, have a band even drive from an hour away to play, and then treat them like shit and refuse to talk to them let alone listen to their music and then have the BALLS on top of that to tell me that your friends don't like the music so the band needs to stop? I was literally so pissed I was crying, and I punched the wall so hard I chipped a piece out. SHe made a few other snooty comments, but I mostly managed to keep her away from the band members so she did't ruin their night too, and apart from the lead singer talking about how snobby they were acting and how they wouldnt talk to him, things went pretty well,

'God, though...I could have killed her.
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Ava's at it again. She wants me to buy a gallon of milk...I haven't been home in four days, who drank all the milk? It wasn't me. So I told her this is the last milk I'm going to buy for the house, since I'm never here and it's not fair for me to pay for milk just for her to drink. I'm sure more fighting will ensue.

Remind me never to live with women again.
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I wrote my name on some tea I bought so Ava would know I bought it for myself (we share most of our stuff) and Ava left me a long note saying Iw as childish for writing my name instead of just telling her (hello cunt, you weren't there when I brought it home, how was I supposed to tell you?) and she also called me a liar (still don't know why) and said I drank some of the beer (this is beer someone left at her last party, she didn't even pay for it, and I only used one can to bread my friend chicken with, and she ATE some of the chicken).

I'm pissed. I feel used and hurt. She's a drama queen bitch.
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Well, I officially quit McDonald's. Turned in my uniforms and everything. Now all that's left is for me to pick up my last check. John has officially quit Papa John's, too, so he's unemployed but it looks like he's going to get hired back in at WalMart, so all's good there.

In other news, I'm tired of buying alcohol for my roommate to drink. She drank the 2 bottles of rum I bought almost all gone, and when I drank the last little tablespoon of rum last night, she left me a note saying we needed to get more. Um, hello. I always pay for the alcohol, don't I have a right to drink it? If she wants some, why doesn't she pay me money for it? And she was upset that I drank the last of "her" butter shots when first, it's not hers, someone came to her party and left it; and second, there was only a tablespoon of that left, too. She's drank way more of my alcohol than that in the past.


Oct. 2nd, 2006 12:09 am
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Because Ava (my roommate) is in the FSU fall play, and she's going to be performing over Halloween weekend, we're going to have a halloween party on October 21st. We were going to have only say, 40 people there, but last Friday Ava had a party for "10-15" of her friends and over 40 showed up, so...yeah, there might be a lot of people there. We're planning to have a keg and charge $5 a cup for the night, and get this...we're going to have a band. My boyfriend John is in a band (hee hee hee, I love saying that) and they're going to be playing at our party. Here's their MySpace in case anyone wants to check them out. http://www.myspace.com/illkillya20 And on top of that, we might even have another band at the party to open for Illkillya...our party is going to be insane. If you need me that night, I'll be hiding in my room. =\

P.S. Anyone from around here who wants to make the trek to Big Rapids is welcome to come to the party that night.
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I have concluded that I suk at teh cyber sex. One of the guys Ashley met online and then had sex with said he wanted to chat with me and hang out with me, but then after trying to chat with him for a few minutes, he said he didn't want to hang out and signed off. Now, I swear, I put forth my best effort to be an interesting chatter, but apparently I am not skilled in the areas he wanted me to be skilled in. I think he wanted to have sex tomorrow, too. Sigh. I am doomed to die a virgin, for I am not a sex kitten.

Alas, but I have decided to eat healthier. Yesterday I felt like a tub of lard when I tried on clothes (Cursed be that infernal process anyway...) and I decided that I'm not going to fad out or anything, but I want to eat healthier things (such as jars of pickels and jars of applesauce, which I enjoy and which are healthier than burgers and fries and onion rings). Perhaps with that and with my running (6 miles and then walking to and from Walmart to pick up my new glasses) I shall be able to fit into cuter clothes with fewer problems.

But I still won't be a sex kitten.

I have also decided to venture afar unto the land of Planned Parenthood and try to get some pills that might help me not lose gallons of blood and be keeled over in pain for two weeks out of every month. An exam is inevitable, I'm sure, since I've never had one, but I'm not looking forward to it (I'm quite proud of how I've managed to avoid this for almost 25 years).

Ava and I talked to the landlords today, they might let her keep her cat. We'll have to see. Also, we did a lot of cleaning, killed a lot of ants, and re-arranged and set some things up. We still have a ways to go, but we're on our way.


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