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Today they're doing the most pointless thing ever. They're following fire regulations and installing a ledge under the window in my bedroom to make it easier to step up and climb out in case of a fire. But it's a sheer three story drop outside my window and no ladder is being installed, so fuck if I'm going to climb to death out my window if there's ever a fire. It's beyond pointless. But they want me to move my stuff and I'm not going to do that, I'm just going to go to work and come back and marvel at the stupidity.

Friends Locked )

I'm reading a new book. I borrowed it from my friend Randy. It is interesting and I shall want to discuss it soon, but I'm waiting until I finish it because in case anyone wants to say "God that book is full of shit" I want to have some formulated arguments on why I don't think it's full of shit so I can come up with a better response than "Nuh-uh it's not." Thus far though, even though I don't agree with everything she's saying (I'm in chapter 3) it IS helping me in that it's giving me words to describe something I've been experiencing all my life. And it's not as fluffy as the shiny purple cover would lead you to believe. :-p

If Ashley doesn't put at least $60 in my bank account by Saturday, the bill will be late. She knew this for months this time so she can't say she didn't know, but she chose to use the money for other things, meanwhile I floundered and couldn't pay for toothpaste and shampoo and deodorant. Now she's known for over a week that either she puts the money in, or the phones stand a good chance of being turned off. I'm not paying a late fee, I can't even afford to pay the bill, if there's a late fee because of her I'm not paying it, I had enough paying for that $300 bill back when she sent 350 text messages when we didn't have texting and I had to pay for the fallout. I'm seriously freaking out because I want my phone, but I don't have the money to pay more than my half of the bill, and I'm getting really upset envisioning a life without a phone because of her. This really pisses me off. I can't believe she screwed me like this and is still doing it.

Oh Drama, how I love thee. I don't want to go to work today. I want to sit here and read my book so I can finish it before the drama eats me alive. Oh well.
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Mandy tried to kill herself. She says she's doing ok now, but I don't know if it's true or if she'll learn anything from this or go back to her old self again.

I got a care package last night. Reba, you are awesome. Thank you.

This isn't directed at one person or even at a specific person, so please don't feel attacked. This is about sharing in general, not anyone in particular, and I need to say it. )

Music makes everything better:

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Well, today I'm going to call Arby's again and hopefully get my schedule. The last few times I called them there was a hang-up and I couldn't get it. I'm nervous as always about starting a job and being new, but I'm hopeful.

I'm a bundle of weird and stupid emotions, as well. The night of the party, it ended up being Shawn and his girlfriend Brandy, Randy and his girlfriend Allison, John and his girl Amanda, and then me and then this guy Louis. You do the math. By the end of the night, we were all trashed and Louis and I ended up coming back to my place with Randy and Allison (they live right across the hall). They all came into my apartment, but after a few minutes they left and as soon as they left, Louis said "I don't wanna be here. Why do we always end up here? I don't even want you." This is the same thing that happened last time, and I knew it was going to end up happening again, but I got tired of arguing with people and telling them Louis and I didn't like each other. Thing is, even though we don't like each other, we ended up naked (which I also knew was going to happen) but nothing happened except us wandering around the apartment drunkenly and him trying to jerk off a bunch of times and then us taking a shower at some point. I think it's pretty obvious why we always end up together after these things. anyway, a fun fun fun night ensued, with him saying such gems as "You couldn't even make me hard if you tried," and "I'm going to have a lot of explaining to do when I don't come home tonight. Can't you at least put some scratches on my back so it'll LOOK like it was worth it?" That last one is my favorite because my thought was, "Not MY skin, don't care!" *SCRATCHSCRATCHSCRATCH* Don't EVER ask someone to do that when they're drunk. By the time I was done, he looked like a scene from The Passion of the Christ.

I want to make clear here that I'm not trying to be down on Louis, he's a nice guy when he isn't drunk and even when he IS drunk and being a jerk, I don't totally blame him, he's been through a lot and this is how he handles it. And it's not like I didn't have fun, wandering around my apartment drunkenly was a lot of fun, and putting the scratches on his back was fun. Too bad I couldn't do it with someone who enjoyed it. :-p

Speaking of, as I said in my drunken post, I ended up calling someone (once sober and once very NOT sober) and telling him I wanted to fuck him. This is true, but I'm still embarrassed about the calls. Such is life, though. I keep thinking about him now. I'm trying to just tell my brain to shut the fuck up (but he doesn't listen to me, he gets tired of me constantly telling him that, and this is his revenge for when I get drunk so I don't have to listen to him).

My friend Doug is coming over tonight (possible my friend Heidi as well). We're going to cook steaks and hang out; maybe watch a movie. Fun times. I get my $155 on my food stamp card today so I'll be stocking up on groceries. My phone bill is here (all $121.85 of it) and I'm trying not to freak out that I don't have money to pay it since Ashley said she'd send money, but...yeah.
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Well, among the many things [livejournal.com profile] aguynamedgoo is right about is Edy's "Take the Cake" ice cream.

You should all buy it. It tastes, as a wise man once said, "like yellow cake batter if GOD were making the cake." I seriously love this stuff. It's sweet and creamy and not nasty like regular ice cream. Plus you all know that I hate ice cream unless it has a recognizable other yummy substance swirled through it, which is why chocolate peanut butter ice cream is the only ice cream I can eat on a regular basis (but only if it has swirls of real peanut butter...I HATE any ice cream with reese's cups in it). But I LOVE eating cake batter, even more than I like eating cake itself. So I love this stuff.

I called Ashley and she says in 2 weeks she gets paid and she will send me money. We shall see. If anyone else has $121.85 lying around the house (or in their couch cushions) that they'd like to donate, please let me know. :-p

Grr, Argh

Jun. 2nd, 2007 12:16 pm
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I have to go to the post office on Monday and fill out an address form correction slip. Apparently, on the Friday I moved when I asked them if they needed the specific apartment number or if just the building number and my name would be sufficient (I didn't know the apartment number yet because there was a delay in my moving in because they had to fix some stuff in the apartment) and the postal carrier told me that would be "fine" she was full of shit, so I haven't gotten my mail for a week because it's being returned to sender since they don't have my specific apartment number, and I had to find this out on my own since they didn't deign to TELL ME. I'm pretty pissed. I'd better not have missed anything important. GAH.

I'm craving that damn ice cream that [livejournal.com profile] aguynamedgoo posted about in his journal. Dammit dude. I don't even LIKE ice cream, but I DO like cake batter, and "Takes the Cake" is SUPPOSED to taste like cake batter...mmm...cake batter...

I have 2 more weeks to loaf around before I start my job. well, a week from next Tuesday is most likely when I'm going to start. So I'll enjoy it for what it is. I'm still worried about that fucking $121.85 phone bill that I have to pay on my own since SOMEONE says she doesn't have any money. But really, that's bullshit because I didn't have a job and I've paid the last two phone bills on my own and she hasn't even given me half like she said she would, so technically now she could pay the whole bill and that would take care of it...but no. She gets unemployment and money from the government while I get jack shit, but still she has no money somehow. It irks me. With this and my mail situation...I'm irked.
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Well, I survived. Barely.

Ashley ran up another $160 phone bill. I left her a long voicemail about it...she needs to start helping me pay the bill. I can't do this every month.

I bought journals for the purpose of journaling my spiritual discoveries. I could only find one design that didn't SAY "Journal" on it (wtf? Why do I need my journal to SAY journal? In case I forget what it is?)

Saw Clerks II tonight. Really good movie.
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Two New Toys )

In other news, Ashley sent 304 text messages, so our phone bill, which is usually $90, was $154.



I called her and she promised to send money. Yeah. Right.

I should be nice, I feel bad for her. The Jacobs took her to court for back rent and she had to pay for damages to the house, and Ava got off without having to pay anything even though Ava used Ashley's security deposit. She didn't have to pay anything, really. She uses people and bleeds them dry.

And I was looking forward to using this paycheck to do some playing...oh well. I'm going to go to WalMart and buy some new shoes and a new shirt anyway...so there!

Stupid money.
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Well, Ashley came and got her stuff yesterday. Ava is furious at Ashley because Ashley took some of her food apparently, and the Jacobs want to talk to me on Monday at 7:30 PM about the lease. Fuck. Good thing I have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off to throw away all my inconsequential stuff and start moving stuff here. I don't know what I'm going to do. Plus Ava is going to stay at John's for the last few weeks of the semester as well. This should be interesting.

I'm exhausted and really frustrated. I don't know what else to say though, so I'll just leave it at this.
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I have concluded that I suk at teh cyber sex. One of the guys Ashley met online and then had sex with said he wanted to chat with me and hang out with me, but then after trying to chat with him for a few minutes, he said he didn't want to hang out and signed off. Now, I swear, I put forth my best effort to be an interesting chatter, but apparently I am not skilled in the areas he wanted me to be skilled in. I think he wanted to have sex tomorrow, too. Sigh. I am doomed to die a virgin, for I am not a sex kitten.

Alas, but I have decided to eat healthier. Yesterday I felt like a tub of lard when I tried on clothes (Cursed be that infernal process anyway...) and I decided that I'm not going to fad out or anything, but I want to eat healthier things (such as jars of pickels and jars of applesauce, which I enjoy and which are healthier than burgers and fries and onion rings). Perhaps with that and with my running (6 miles and then walking to and from Walmart to pick up my new glasses) I shall be able to fit into cuter clothes with fewer problems.

But I still won't be a sex kitten.

I have also decided to venture afar unto the land of Planned Parenthood and try to get some pills that might help me not lose gallons of blood and be keeled over in pain for two weeks out of every month. An exam is inevitable, I'm sure, since I've never had one, but I'm not looking forward to it (I'm quite proud of how I've managed to avoid this for almost 25 years).

Ava and I talked to the landlords today, they might let her keep her cat. We'll have to see. Also, we did a lot of cleaning, killed a lot of ants, and re-arranged and set some things up. We still have a ways to go, but we're on our way.
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Hmm. Ashley's not doing so hot. She sounds tired and kinda depressed. She hasn't heard back from Ferris yet or from the places she applied for work, so she's being a chauffeur and driving people everywhere at home and using all her gas. I'm going to just pay all the bills myself and hope she can send me her half of the money soon.

I like having the house to myself, though, at least for now.

I hope I can get new glasses and frames with my next paycheck, the ones I haveare scratched, bent, and broken big time, plus the prescription is no longer up to date, and I'd like to be able to SEE things clearly again. It's been...let's see. Seven years? Something like that since I got these glasses. Anyway, I hope I can afford the checkup, frames, and lenses with my next paycheck even though I'll have to pay the bills myself. I won't be able to buy foom though, so that should be interesting. I'll eat all the canned crap in my cupboards. :-p
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I have the sunburn from hell. I'm slathering it with aloe gel but it still hurts like blazing fire and brimstone. I hate the sun.

Ashley is leaving tomorrow (maybe tonight, if she can get in at the pickle factory at home. She'd make $8 an hour and send money here for the rent. She re-applied at FSU and will find out Monday if she's going to get in. If so, she'll come back here to live. We have another month to figure it all out, since we get paid tomorrow and her check will be enough to cover rent for August, so at least that will be taken care of. We still have to ask if her friend Ava can come and live in the house, too.

So much is up in the air. I don't want ot go to work tonight with my 3rd degree burns. Sigh.


Just to Give You All an Idea of My Sunburn... )
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Well, guess what?

I got to work last night, and Alicia called me into her office and started talking about responsibility and how she can't work wiht someone she can't trust, and I'm thinking, "Fuck, I'm fired."

But no.

ASHLEY got fired.

Yesterday, Alicia got in and the store was a mess (we were slammed all night and barely had any time to g et things done) and we scrambled aorund trying to get things done, and Ashley started trying to explain that we were really busy, and Alicia cut her off and said we can't talk about the bad things, we have to "move on," and apparently after that she called Ashley into her office and decided Ashley can't work there with that attitude.

What a load of bullshit.


So I might be living on the street in a cardboard box soon. I'll keep you posted.
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Move Along, Nothing to See Here, Poke the Emo Girl and Make Her Cry )
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The employee that work pretty much relies on every morning, the most competent one who's been there the longest and is generally the best worker, is almost surely leaving to t ake another job. Work doesn't know this yet, and I'm not supposed to tell anyone, so I'm blabbing here. I know they'll be hit like hell when she leaves. They don't consider the consequences of treating good workers like shit day in and day out for years.

Tonight I get to work with Ashley again. Oh joy. I might even get to work with the maintenence guy who yells and screams and mocks people. I can't wait.


In other news, as per the suggestions of Reality Community Church, I bought herbal remedies for my migraines, inasomnia, and menstrual crap. Of course, I did this without the consultation of the Christian doctor that they all treat like a god, but this is because I am not an idiot, I know what hormones are, and I have a working knowledge of what to do with my system to try to correct the "imbalance" that might trigger my head splitting migraines and cramps so bad I can't walk. As for last night, the system worked. We'll see if this continues. Part of the problem is that my body is addicted to the other crap I take for my migraines, so not taking it actually triggers the migraines to come back. Sigh. The joys of being poor.
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Fucking drama queen who makes my life a living hell and won't let me sleep! )
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Well, I decided to celebrate 6-6-06 by doing something totally new, so I drowned today.

Ashley and I went swimming in the river, and she decided to try swimming across, and she made it and came back, so I decided to try.

Good idea.

I was fine almost all the way, but I got cracked in the head by a wave and I went under and couldn't come back up. I blacked out and was under for a minute or so b efore she pulled me out and slammed me against the wall on the other shore (there's a metal wall for several feet instead of shoreline) and revived me.

It was fun.
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Well, the shit hit the fan last night. Ashley snapped at me all night, and she snaped "fuck you" to me in front of a customer, so I finally snapped back at her and said "Fuck you" back, and she sent me home and wrote me up and I can't come back to work until I talk to Alicia.

I agree, I should have been written up, it was wrong of me to say "fuck you." Ashley says it was different for her to say it to me "under her breath" than for me to say it out loud, I think both were wrong. We'll see if I still have a job after tonight (supposedly, Alicia wants to meet with me tonight before my shift, we'll see if she actually shows up).
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Everyone go to this website and read it. Help this guy out because...

1. He has a really cute baby
2. He writes intelligently about the kind of movies I watch without simply trashing them the way most reviewers do.
3. Even if I disagree with him, I can still see where he got his opinion because he actually explains WHY a movie sucks without simply saying "this is trash and anyone who likes it is a sick, twisted, depraved individual who needs therapy blah blah blah."

In other news...I'm tired. And remember when I was all excited about me and Ashley making $69 in one week picking up spare change? We've made $73.74 in the past two DAYS. o_O
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We have the connection all set up, just no encryption yet. Maybe soon...when I'm in the mood to try and figure out what that link Matt sent me is trying to say (thanks for that, by the way [livejournal.com profile] odinkar, I appreciate the help).

What happens when you press ALT and F4 at the same time? Is it bad?

Ashley is having sex downstairs in the living room. She tromped up my stairs, opened my loud, squeaky door, peeked in to see if I was asleep, closed the door, and tromped back downstairs first. Now I'm up for the day.


*flies into a rage*

To help cheer me up, here are some teh hawt pix of actual jailbait guys who are in a band )

So the other night at work, we were dead until 2:30 AM, and then suddenly insanely busy until 5:30, and at 4:30 breakfast still wasn't set up because we didn't have the food, so I was running around like crazy trying to get everyone's food and running back and forth putting fries down still even though breakfast is supposed to start at 4, and everyone was ordering like, 5 spicy chickens and 4 McChickens at once with 6 medium fries, and these eople at the window got tired of waiting so they pulled into a parking space and I had to run their food out to them, and the guy had put his seat back and he was lying down and the girl next to him was bent over him sucking his dick. As soon as I got to the car he sat up and said "Whoa" and I was trying not to die laughint, so I handed his food and said "Uh...sorry about the wait?" and he said "Oh, no problem" (yeah, I bet it wasn't) and I turned to run back and said "Have a nice day," and the girl said:

*swallow* "You have a nice day, too."

I bet I'm not going to have as nice a day as you, but thanks for the thought anyway.


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