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The 2009 DSAGA end of the year picnic is over, and the afterparty at my house was a lot of fun as well. Lucky for you guys, I got pictures, so you can join in on the fun, too.

Elias, Jeff, Missy, Andrew, and some guy I don't know were excited to have some Jello shots...good thing Jason laid the smackdown and wouldn't let them drink in public if they were underage...we got rowdy and it could have gotten a lot worse if they'd been drinking

Stacy and Dillon (finally I have a normal picture of Dillon, usually he refuses to smile or he makes a face in every picture)

Jeff and Andrew

Carey and Bryce

Carey disciplining Bryce

Cute group shot

Stacy and Jason (next year's Vice President and President, respectively)

Stacy and Jason posing seductively

Emannuel, his roommate, and another friend (I tried to get names, I really did, I fail at picture)

Danielle and Nathan

Krystal, Jasmine, Alex, Jeff, and Leah

This one is cuter (I got everyone to laugh by yelling "PENIS"

Krystal and I (cute!)

Me and Andrew (I look really cute here)

Tracy, Heather, and Dillon)

Me, Elias, and Bryce (I love this picture)

This one is great because you can see the green Jello Bryce is chewing (not alcoholic jello though, regular gay rainbow jello)

This is the best group picture ever, and I love it

This one is hilarious (it looks like Becky disapproves of the kiss when really it was something else)

Elias and Missy

Great candid of Elias

Nice group shot (I have yet to get a normal picture of Jason)

Becky and Nathan

Jenn and Andrew

Jenn, Stacy, and Andrew

Danielle's daughter Arionna

She wouldn't look at the camera

This picture caused drama (the redhead with long hair, Kristin, didn't want her picture taken and she went off about it, and I offered to delete it, but then she said not to, so...whatever)

Nathan and Arionna

Andrew plays with Arionna

Too cute

Nathan making out with Jason

This is cute. It's close enough to a normal picture of Jason.

When we got to my apartment, Bryce had some Jello shots

Danielle hanging out

On my balcony

I love this picture

This is also a cute one

Gay? Fine by Michael

Gay is also fine by Jason

Arionna put the mask on but wouldn't leave it on for a picture

To be or not to be?

Andrew and Chelsea

Bryce making out with the skull

Now the head is giving head

Michael is having a rough night

At this point, we're all wrecked, not just the six year old

We played Trivial Pursuit, and it was a lot of fun