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Everyone on my friend's list with a digital camera, I have a question for you...would you mind taking a few minutes to make a rocking sign (just some words and maybe some drawings if you're feeling ambitious) on a piece of paper saying "Thank you Nathan" or "I love Nathan" or "Nathan is a Rockstar" or something like that, taking a picture of yourself with the sign, and posting it as a reply to this entry? Nathan, the president of the GLWTFBBQ meeting in Big Rapids, DSAGA (the guy who helps organize and inspire all those huge, long, gay picture posts you all love so much) is graduating in a few weeks, and we're secretly putting together a picture slideshow for him to show at the last DSAGA meeting to thank him and let him know that all his work made an impact in the world, and I thought it would really help illustrate that if some people from out of Big Rapids let him know they appreciated all his work, so if you guys would be willing to help me out, I would appreciate it more than you know.

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and also

I tried to get the Princess to smile, but she was all "fuck you, I'm sleeping."
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You rock, Dani! I love you.
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Yay! Thank you!