Jan. 21st, 2009

oh god

Jan. 21st, 2009 10:10 pm
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oh God I'm so scared right now.

Seriously freaking out.

Does anyone have $200 I can borrow? Ha ha... *shoots self in the face*


I wrote this as a response to [livejournal.com profile] maritov and since I'm too lazy to type it out twice, here's the short of what's going on for all who read this:

The student loan people debited my account, but since they had me jump through hoops and said they'd wait until the 29th to hear from me and give me a hearing, I assumed they wouldn't garnish my wages yet (since when people say "we won't do this yet" I usually assume that means they won't do it yet, for some strange reason) so when my online paystub said my paycheck was its normal amount and it had gone into my bank account (there are no paper checks at Meijer, you have to have a bank account to have your paycheck deposited or use their stupid credit card service that charges you fees up the ass) so anyway, I checked online, it said my check was in my account and it was X amount, so I went ahead and paid my electric bill and heat bill, but then the money went "poof" and pulled a disappearing act, so my bank account is overdrawn by $40 and my rent just went up to $161 a month, so I have to have money appear out of nowhere or I can't pay my rent and I'll end up homeless on the street. I don't have money to buy food, either, but that worry will have to wait for awhile...

Yeah, I should have checked my bank account to make sure the money went through, so this is my fault (and it's my fault for not having the loan paid off either) but that doesn't make it hurt less.


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